De’Longhi Magnifica S ECAM 22.110.B Review

Coffee Friend Review

The De’Longhi Magnifica S ESAM4200.S was our favourite bean to cup machine for a long time, and definitely one of the best money could buy. Then the ECAM 22.110.B came along, as the updated version. It is still a great value pick but looks a little bit more modern. The benefits don’t just stop there, […]

Flavour Of The Month: Halo Coffee

halo coffee review

If you’ve recently been looking to make more sustainable and greener choices in life, from the car you drive all the way down to the coffee you drink, our Flavour Of The Month for December might be of particular interest to you… Especially if you’re an avid user of single-serve coffee pod machines! This month […]

5 Rings: Olympic Champions to Coffee Aficionados

5 Rings Coffee Review

What is the next step when you’ve won Gold medals at the Olympics and become household names in the world of cycling? Team up with longstanding friends who have been on the same journey, and who you share one big passion with away from the career and aspirations which brought you together? Sounds good to […]

Black Friday 2022: 30 Hottest Coffee Machine & Accessory Deals

Best Black Friday Coffee Machine Deals

Black Friday 2022:30 Hottest Coffee Machine & Accessory Deals High quality coffee machines and their accessories can end up being quite expensive.  So the holiday season is an especially delightful time for many coffee enthusiasts and connoisseurs.  But with countless vendors and stores advertising their low prices, sorting through it all can be overwhelming and […]

Flavour Of The Month: Farrers Coffee

If you could settle down with the best ever cup of coffee and be anywhere in the UK, where would you pick? The Lake District would be our go-to, with rolling hills and picturesque scenery. And as for the coffee, you wouldn’t go wrong with a blend from one of the oldest coffee roasters in […]

Adaptogens In Coffee: Our Guide & Benefits

About Adaptogenic Coffee

For many of us, coffee is just as much a part of our day as the train on the commute, the trip to the sandwich shop for lunch, or the kids/dog/partner/neighbours trying to disturb you if you’re currently trying to WFH. These days, third-wave coffee means it goes beyond waking us up and making us […]

Win A Free Coffee Machine From Currys This Christmas

If you’re in the market for a state of the art, sleek and sophisticated coffee machine to add some sparkle to your Christmas presents this year, you’re going to want to make sure that you’ve done some browsing over at Currys PC World. That’s because from now until the 23rd December 2020, anyone who buys […]

Whittard’s Halloween Range Is Here & It’s Terrifyingly Tasty

Whittards Halloween Range

Whittard never disappoints when it comes to holiday ranges, whether it be Easter or Christmas, and this year their gourd-geous Halloween collection has exceeded all expectations. When you think of Halloween and autumn, there will be particular flavours which spring to mind. Toffee, peanut butter, and the infamous pumpkin spice are probably amongst them, and […]

Perfect Christmas Coffee Gifts for Loved Ones (Best of 2022)

Best Christmas Coffee Gifts

Perfect Christmas Coffee Gifts for Loved Ones (Best of 2022) Searching for the best Christmas gift for a coffee lover? We have gathered 20 of the best Christmas coffee gifts available right now.  From gift sets and mugs to subscriptions and accessories, we’ve found the best Christmas gifts for coffee connoisseurs of all types and […]

Coffee Friend: The Best Black Friday Deals for 2020

The Coffee Friend Black Friday Sale

Coffee Friend’s Black Friday Sale​: The 6 Best Deals Coffee Friend is a site dedicated entirely to coffee, whether it be machines or beans, and they are hugely popular throughout all of Europe. In general, they are one of the cheapest coffee machine websites, often selling certain machines for £100+ less than rivals. So, when […]

AO Black Friday 2020: The Top Coffee Machine Deals

AO Black Friday

AO Black Friday: The Best Coffee Machine Deals Black Friday is no longer dedicated to just one sale day of the year. In fact, the deals are already on the site, with their Early Black Friday offers. AO are one of the most popular appliance retailers in the UK, so when they have a sale […]

Currys Black Friday 2020: The Best Coffee Machine Deals

currys black friday

Currys Black Friday Best Coffee Machine Deals There are going to be plenty of great offers on Curry’s Black Friday – so make sure to save the date so you’re not missing out! Featuring some huge savings on De’Longhi, Breville and Krups models. There are also offers to be had over at Amazon, and for […]

Amazon Black Friday 2022: Top 10 Coffee Machine Deals of the Year

Amazon Black Friday Coffee Machine Deals

Amazon Black Friday 2022: Top 10 Coffee Machine Deals of the Year While Black Friday 2022 officially begins on November 26, many retailers have already started offering huge discounts leading up to it.  Along with keeping an eye at Curry’s Black Friday deals and the best coffee maker offers from around the web, we have […]

Are Pret And Leon’s Coffee Subscriptions Worth It?

is leon unlimited coffee worth it?

In case you hadn’t already heard, last month in a bid to win back some of its dwindling clientele, popular coffee chain and commuter hotspot Pret A Manger launched an in-house coffee subscription service. But this was not your classic delivered to the door coffee subscription that many have taken advantage of in lockdown. Oh […]

B&M, Lidl & Aldi: Cheap International Coffee Day Gifts

B&M friends coffee machine

While it might be just another Thursday for all the tame tea drinkers out there, the 1st of October is officially International Coffee Day, meaning all we cultured coffee drinkers have reason to celebrate! Yes, that’s right, it’s our favourite bean’s birthday blowout and while it’s certainly not Christmas, there’s nothing wrong with applying a […]

Flavour Of The Month: Notes Coffee & Selfridges

It’s officially October, which means Autumn is well and truly upon us, Halloween is fast approaching and most importantly of all, it’s time to review another delicious new Secret Coffee Club pick! This time around, we’ve got something incredibly special in store for all you coffee cravers, as our selected taste sensation is Selfridge’s all-new […]

Starbucks’ Vegan Menu Gets Pumpkin Spice Makeover

starbucks vegan pumpkin spice cookie

Some people just can’t wait for the sweltering heat and relaxation of Summer, the floral blossom and new year of Spring, and of course, the crisp white snow and Christmas cheer of Winter. But if anyone tries to tell you they can’t wait for the orange autumnal glow of a tree in Fall, what they […]

10 Best Coffee Advent Calendars for 2022: Our Fun, Festive Faves!

Best Coffee Advent Calendar

Coffee advent calendars are a great way to celebrate the holiday season. Stay warm with the new coffee varieties in each advent window as you count down the days to Christmas. We have picked out the best coffee advent calendars for coffee lovers of all kinds.  Whether you need ground coffee, whole bean coffee, or […]

Autumn/Fall Flavoured Coffee Ideas

Best Autumn Coffee Recipes

The first day of Autumn is no longer determined by the Earth’s exposure to the sun, leaves falling from the trees or you suddenly reaching for your coat and a pair of tights when you head out for the day. The first day of Autumn is officially the day that Pumpkin Spice Lattes are released […]

Mayfair Cafe Sells The UK’s Most Expensive Coffee

UKs Most Expensive Coffee Mayfair

How much we pay for a coffee has long been a talking point amongst commuters, brunchers and post-lunch-slump-suffering workers. McDonald’s is currently selling their double espresso for just 99p. Chains are constantly trying to get the cost of their most popular brews to below what their rivals are selling them for. Meanwhile, a coffee shop […]

A Guide To Single Origin Coffee

What Is Single Origin Coffee

We have talked a lot about single-origin coffee on Daily Espresso, whether it is what to look for when searching for your new favourite coffee beans, or talking about some of the biggest brands currently in the world of coffee during our Flavour Of The Month reviews. But what is it, and why is it […]

Flavour Of The Month: We Are Here Coffee

We Are Here Coffee Review Subscription Box

You love coffee. That is why you have ended up here, probably. But sometimes, despite your passion, you are a little overwhelmed by just how complicated it can get. You make a cup of coffee when you need a boost, or when you want a warm drink. You enjoy the taste, but some of the […]

What Is A Greek Coffee?

What Is Greek Coffee

If you have recently been to Greece, are planning on going to Greece or can’t quite get to Greece, you may want to bring the baklava, salad and gyros to the comfort of your own home to extend/plan for/subsidise your holiday. But the traditional Greek dishes don’t just stop at food.  Ellinikos, or Greek coffee, […]

How (And Why) To Drink Black Coffee

How To Drink Black Coffee

The norm, especially here in the UK, is to drink coffee with milk (and sugar and sweeteners are also popular). However, drinking it black can not only benefit anybody who is trying to lay off the dairy but also anybody who wants to begin to understand coffee a bit more. Coffee is filled with unique […]

Love Coffee? Hate Waste? Coffee Logs Are For You

Bio Bean Coffee Logs

More than 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world each day. The UK alone consumes 95 million cups of coffee every day. That’s a lot of waste when it comes to the grounds. Hundreds of thousands of tonnes of spent coffee ground waste, to be precise. Of course, you can use them […]

What Is A Frappe?

What Is A Frappe

You will have heard the term Frappe before, or maybe even it’s sister term, the Frappuccino. But what exactly is a frappe, and why is it one of the most popular drinks you can buy in the likes of Starbucks coffee chains? A modern-day frappe is simply a chilled drink that has been blended. The […]

What Is A Mocha?

How to make a mocha

Coffee, as it comes, can struggle to appeal to those with a slightly sweet tooth. You can add sugar, whipped creams and syrups, but some of these can actually take away from the overall coffee flavour. Luckily, a mocha can give you a chocolate twist with the coffee still coming through. Chocolate and coffee are […]

Blonde Roast Coffee: About Starbucks Newest Offering

Light Roast Coffee

If you go to a Starbucks chain for your pre-work brew or lunchtime invigorating break, then you will have likely seen that they offer a Blonde Roast. This is on top of their Signature roast which is commonly used in most of their standard drinks already. But why is it a thing, and what exactly […]

Reusable Cup Discounts: Where To Get 50% Off Coffee

Reusable coffee cup discounts

We’re already halfway through August and Britain has now truly been gripped by a scoff and save fever. Thanks to the government Eat Out To Help Out Scheme, there have been numerous tasty deals for the public to take advantage of and the nation’s cafes and restaurants have never been so full! But did you […]

Macmillan Coffee Morning Ideas for 2020

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Every year, Macmillan Cancer Support hosts the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, a fundraising event which raises millions of pounds. Since it began in 1990, it has raised over £200 million for those living with cancer – but the idea is that you can have fun while raising the money, too! There are hundreds of events […]

What Is A Cortado?

What Is A Cortado

Around the world, ordering a cortado could weald very different results, as there is no strict one way to make it. Some think that there should be a particular ratio of coffee to milk, and others simply see it as a smaller version of the flat white. But there is one thing which is definite. […]

Is Coffee Vegan?

Is Coffee Vegan

Thousands of people ask it every single month, whether they are about to try and follow a vegan diet or are simply curious. Obviously, if you usually have your coffee with cow’s milk, then you will know it isn’t vegan. But what about if you leave the milk out? Or if you swap it with […]

Eat Out To Help Out Coffee Shops: The Best Deals

the best deals eat out to help out august

The UK government’s eagerly anticipated Eat Out To Help Out Scheme will see more than 53,000 outlets across the UK’s cafe and restaurant sector drop their prices by 50% in August – but the big question is, which of our favourite coffee shops will be taking part!? In a bid to help save our suffering […]

Why You Need To Support Coffee Shops Post-Lockdown

supporting local coffee shops during pandemic

After strict lockdown measures were finally relaxed this month, many cafes and restaurants have been able to open up their doors to the public and begin reviving their businesses back from the brink. This has meant popular coffee chains such as Costa and Starbucks are now back in full swing, and if they’ve been lucky […]

Is It Bad To Drink Coffee Before Bed?

a woman holding a disposable cup of coffee

Millions of people across the world rely on an early morning shot of espresso to help them function through a groggy Monday morning and plenty more probably don’t even get to 12 o’clock before they require an emergency caffeine boost to avoid snoozing at their desk. Due to caffeine’s oh-so-stimulating effects, the world has been […]

The BEST 10 Coffee Shops To Try In Bath

Best Coffee In Bath UK

Bath is the place to be if you’re after coffee which doesn’t just taste great but is also in a perfect location and takes ethics into account. It is packed with cool, modern cafes which are perfect for working, chatting and trying something new and historic, cosy traditional cafes where the good old originals are […]

10 Birmingham Coffee Shops That You MUST Try!

best cafes birmingham

Despite being widely acknowledged as the UK’s second city after The Big Smoke, Birmingham is still going through something of a cultural coffee renaissance and has surprisingly only recently become one of the UK’s premium java hot spots. Nowadays quirky independent coffee quarters and artisan roasters are commonplace in this vibrant city centre though, meaning […]

10 Coffee Shops You MUST Visit When in Brighton

brighton best cafes

Everyone’s favourite fun and hip city by the sea, Brighton & Hove is a small quirky world with a rich and vibrant culture that has made it one of the UK’s most interesting and popular places to visit. For the coffee aficionado, it’s also a surprisingly vast paradise of kooky and wholesome independent cafes, with […]

10 Glasgow Coffee Shops You NEED To Visit!

best glasgow cafes

While the people of ‘Glesga’ may be known for their mocking patter and tough reputation, they’re still big softies when it comes to a nice creamy macchiato and the city has been wooed by the UK coffee revolution just as much as anywhere else. A thriving and joyous architectural wonder of a city, Glasgow has […]

Will Post-Covid Working Mean The End Of The Coffee Shop?

Coffee Shop Behaviour After Coronavirus

On the back of the news that high-street food and coffee shop Pret A Manger is closing 30 stores with 1,000 job losses, there’s been talk of how the pandemic has had an effect on other similar stores, and what it means for their future. Pret, who has seen a 74% decrease in sales during […]

Flavour Of The Month: Heart & Graft

Heart and Graft Coffee Roastery Review

The latest pick for Secret Coffee Club is Heart & Graft, a Manchester-based coffee roastery with a vision to “be a place where people can come and be inspired by the journey coffee takes from field to cup”. Not only do they provide coffee shops and customers with their picks of the best coffee beans […]

10 Coffee Shops in Edinburgh You HAVE To Visit

best coffee in edinburgh

Ah Edinburgh… The so-called Athens of The North. Built on an astonishing hilly landscape with breath-taking panoramic views, Scotland’s beloved capital is home to a plethora of stunning medieval marvels and neoclassical architecture, making it undeniably one of the UK’s most beautiful cities. …and so surely the perfect location for a spot of coffee!? Auld […]

10 MUST Try Coffee Shops in London

best coffee in london

Although London is not yet world-renowned for its coffee scene, there is undeniably a revolution bubbling underneath its surface, with a remarkable amount of speciality cafes and expert roasters opening their doors month to month in the capital. Leaving tea drinkers in their wake, coffee aficionado’s no longer have to make do with sub-par coffees […]

Costa Releases Coca Cola Flavoured Coffee

Costa Coffee Release New Coca Cola Flavour China

We have previously brought you some of the oddest concoctions made by coffee lovers, from the biggest coffee trends of 2020 to the unusual ways it is made around the world. Some of them were a big No from us. There were a few that we could see ourselves trying, although we doubt they would […]

The Waves Of Coffee Explained

The Waves Of Coffee Guide

When reading up about your favourite coffee drinks, you may have noticed that certain concoctions are referred to in ‘waves’. For example, the First Wave of coffee was when it was introduced, and is the basic drink. Third Wave coffee is what is now more commonly known as ‘speciality’ coffee, which has emerged in the […]

What Is A Flat White?

What Is A Flat White

There are dozens and dozens of coffee varieties out there these days. But one which can cause a lot of confusion and debate is the old Flat White. We say ‘old’ as an endearing term because it has actually only recently become a new phenomenon. Cemented as part of the Third Wave coffee world, it […]

What Is Nitro Coffee?

what is nitro cold brew

Nitro Coffee. It’s a caffeine craze you may have heard whispers of in the last few years but are still unlikely to have ever actually seen with your very own eyes. When it has been mentioned, you’ve probably even smirked to yourself, given it’s somewhat ludicrously cartoonish name. It sounds like a beverage that’s been […]

Salt In Coffee: Is It Revolutionary Or Just Revolting?

is salt in coffee healthy

“Now are you absolutely sure I can’t get you anything to drink Sonya  … Tea?… Coffee maybe?” “Ooh well I suppose if you’re making one, a coffee would be great, thanks Brian.” “Of course, no problem! How’d you take it? Milk? Sugar? … Salt?” “Sorry Brian…  that was milk, sugar and… ?” “And Salt! ” […]

Can Kids Drink Coffee? A Guide For Parents

coffee drinking guide for parents

Most of us would do anything to turn back the clock and be young again. We miss the care-free attitude, the lack of responsibility… our hairlines. But for some bizarre reason, it seems like every child ever just wants to be old. They want to be taken seriously by society, have a voice in a […]

What Is An Americano?

What Is An Americano

The rise of cafe culture has brought us a lot of wonderful things. The availability of iced coffee all year round. An easy way to get coffee on-the-go when you’re running late for that morning meeting. The perfect place to meet up with friends on a lunch break or Saturday shopping trip. But it has […]

How Are Coffee Pods Recycled?

How To Recycle Coffee Pods

You may have read our blog on how coffee is having an effect on the current condition of the planet, from the water and electricity usage to actually growing and harvesting the beans. One big issue which has only come about in the past few years is actually the usage and waste of the little […]

Cold Brew vs. Iced Coffee: What’s The Difference?

which is better cold brew or iced coffee

Remember the days when coffee used to be an exclusively hot and steamy affair? No, us neither. It seems like in 2020, our favourite drink became an officially cold beverage thanks to the sharp rise of the iced coffee and now that summer is approaching, it’s highly likely only more people are going to jump […]

Flavour Of The Month: Rave Coffee

Rave Coffee Review Subscription Box

We want to shine the spotlight on a brand which every kind of coffee consumer should know about – Rave Coffee. Only really starting out drinking it and don’t know what you want yet? Love it so much that you can never seem to have enough in your kitchen cupboards? Want to know more about […]

7 Ways To Make a More Eco Friendly Coffee

reducing your coffee waste

With protests on climate change becoming an ever present activity across the world and Greta Thunberg’s credentials rising, it’s only natural that many of us have begun to look back at our own environmental footprint. So far in our lives, we’ve all been guilty of insensitive ecology mishaps, from putting an item in the wrong […]

Father’s Day Gifts For Coffee Lovers

Best Fathers Day Coffee Gifts

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate the father figure in your life, and this year it falls on the 21st of June 2020 so if you don’t know what to get yet, you will need to act fast. Whether it is a dad, step-dad, grandad, father-in-law or your partner/expectant dad, there is a wealth […]

How To Reuse Coffee Grounds In Your Garden

Coffee Grounds

We are all trying to cut down on our waste, but if you are a big coffee drinker, those coffee grounds will probably make up a big chunk of what you throw away every day. But, coffee grounds actually have a whole lot of uses once you have made your cup of joe. They can […]

The Best Coffee Trends for 2020 (That Aren’t Dalgona)

vietnamese egg coffee

We don’t know about you, but we’re getting really bored of Dalgona Coffee. Heralded as the biggest coffee trend in years, the South Korean recipe is essentially inescapable at this moment in time and can be found incessantly plastered on every social media platform, news article and food blog on the internet. In the past […]

Are We Running Out Of Coffee? How COVID-19 Has Impacted Supply & Demand

covid 19 impact on coffee supply

Humans are a greedy bunch aren’t they? It seems like every day it’s revealed that the world is running out of something important thanks to either our ineptitude or materialism and the list of shortages continues to become more and more bizarre. As well as fossil fuels, the planet is genuinely running out of sand, […]

The 10 Best Baristas & Latte Artists To Follow on Instagram

what coffee accounts to follow on insta

These days a nice creamy heart or delicate lotus flower adorning the top of your coffee just isn’t enough. Like with almost all things, the rise of Instagram has made expertly finessed latte art creations the norm, effectively body shaming your own pathetic attempts at a barista poured artwork into hiding. It’s a platform that’s […]

Coffee vs. Cocktails: Which Is The Better Lockdown Mood Booster?

coffee vs alcohol effects in your brain

As lockdown continues to reign supreme over our lives in Britain, it’s unsurprising that so many of us have turned to those old favourites coffee and alcohol as a way of soothing our anxieties and getting us through these dreary times. Alcohol sales in the UK have risen by a third since lockdown was announced […]

CBD Coffee: A Cure For Anxiety Or Cheap Cannabis Thrill?

cannabis coffee trend

We all have our little individual coffee quirks, whether it’s spooning in an understandable helping of sugar, dolloping in a sweet helping of honey or perhaps even adding something much more unusual like a cube of butter. Some of you might even take your coffee a little more… ahem… irish… although we do sincerely hope […]

Starbucks Secret Menu: The Need-To-Know Hacks

Starbucks Secret Menu UK

If you visit Starbucks regularly, you probably have a favourite drink which you get each and every time. But you may have also heard about the Starbucks Secret Menu, which allows you to customise drinks to recreate some of the most popular chocolate bars, desserts and flavours – without them strictly being on the menu. […]

The 5 Easiest DIY Coffee Table Ideas

Easiest DIY Coffee Table Ideas

Do you often dream of creating and crafting your very own coffee table? Do you wish you could welcome guests into your living room and have them be wowed and dazzled by your show-stopping centrepiece? Do you fantasise about seeing their eyes flash with jealously and a splashing of bitterness once you reveal it was […]

How To Make A Homemade Coffee Body Scrub

DIY Coffee Body and Coconut Oil Body Scrub

Coffee wakes us up. It gets us ready for the day and our mountain of work. But, it is also good for your skin. The rough texture of the beans acts as an exfoliant and is a bit less harsh than other materials such as sea salt. When the dead skin cells are rubbed away, […]

Edible Coffee Cups: Why They Should Be The Future And Not A Fad

edible coffee cups and the waste crisis

A cup that you can drink out of, and then eat. It sounds bizarre, and quite frankly, unnecessary. But if the world truly wants to win it’s war against the waste crisis, then the future for our coffee cups may very well have to be cookie-based. As coffee chains and restaurants aim to limit their […]

What is Dalgona Coffee?: The Internet’s New Whipped Coffee Craze

how to make creamy dalgona coffee

Cappuccino? Yes. Latte? Of course. Espresso? Definitely. Dalgona?… err… sorry…dal… I didn’t quite catch that… dal-what? Most of you may never have heard of Dalgona coffee – you’ve never been offered one by a friend and have certainly never spied one on the menu of even the quirkiest of cafés. But if you’ve been anywhere […]

20 Unique Coffee Table Decor Ideas

the best way to style your coffee table

Choosing and styling a coffee table can induce interior anxiety in even the most experienced design whizz, as it is so often the glamorous centre-piece of your living room. With a seemingly endless catalogue of aesthetic looks to be inspired by, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and be scared off trying anything at all, let […]

The 5 Quirkiest Coffee Gadgets

Coffee Making Alarm Clock

In 1899, the Commissioner of the US Patent Office, Charles H. Duell uttered the apocryphal statement: “Everything that can be invented has been invented.” And oh, how wrong he was. But while he may have failed to foresee the creation of the aeroplane or the spacecraft, Duell did spot one thing. Because although moronic, his […]

Coffee Bags – The Next Way To Drink Your Brew

Coffee Bag In Cup

If you are a coffee connoisseur, there is a chance you have heard of the coffee bag, deemed as the next big thing in the coffee world. But there is an even better chance that you haven’t heard of them. They aren’t quite mainstream yet, but they are heading that way. They fill that perfect […]

The 5 Weirdest Ways to Take Coffee

/woman using vape device

For many of us, an early morning cup of coffee is the perfect way to start the day. For a few more of us, nothing beats topping up a morning dose with a nice latte at lunch. And some more of us still may come home and decide the evening isn’t complete without a big […]

How To Host A Coffee Morning

How To Host A Coffee Morning

Coffee Mornings have become one of the most popular ways to raise money for charity while catching up with family and friends over a cuppa, slice of cake and other fun activities. If you are new to fundraising, here are some points to bear in mind to ensure your day runs smoothly and you raise […]

Coffee Reincarnations: 9 Amazing Creations from Recycled Coffee

Coffee Beans and Grounds

Every year, six million tonnes of coffee grounds are sent to landfill, along with an estimated 56 billion single-use coffee capsules. You’ll be very unsurprised to hear, this is incredibly bad for our environment. Decomposing coffee grounds release the greenhouse gas methane into the atmosphere, while coffee capsules are known to take 150 years to […]

How an Office Bean to Cup Machine Saves You Time and Money

the best coffee machine for an office

For many offices around the world, the ever-reliable kettle remains the cornerstone of the workplace kitchenette. Despite the multitude of coffee machines and fancy hot drinks dispensers now on the market, many companies have not felt the need to evolve past the humble kettle, which has always handled the daily tea and coffee rounds with […]

Your Bean-To-Cup Machine: Tips, Tricks and Common Mistakes

how to use a bean to cup coffee machine

For the true espresso enthusiast, the bean-to-cup machine has quickly become the definitive way to start your day, condensing the entire coffee-making process into the touch of a button. They’ve made serving up a consistently cracking coffee shot easier than ever, and allow you to enjoy instant coffee of the highest quality at home. But […]

A Guide to Coffee Machine Lifespans and When to Upgrade

when to purchase a new coffee machine

According to a recent study, the typical lifetime of a coffee machine is between 6 and 10 years depending on your make and model. While the standard drip filter coffee machine averages the lowest lifespan at 6 years, the fully-automatic espresso machine vastly outweighs the competition with a life expectancy of a decade. Now we […]

Pods vs. Bean-to-Cup: How your coffee machine choice impacts the environment

Used Coffee Pods and their impact on the environment

For the last decade, the world has been undergoing a not-so-quiet revolution when it comes to the way we drink our coffee. There’s always been plenty of options for crafting the perfect cup of joe, from the cafetiere to the stove coffee pot. But ever since George Clooney became the face of Nespresso’s coffee pods […]

Happy National Cappuccino Day!

National Cappuccino Day

Calling all coffee lovers – National Cappuccino Day is an annual event which falls on November 8th. It is the perfect excuse to celebrate with a frothy, warm espresso alternative and you can see cafes and brands join in on the fun too. Here is the slight downside, however; it isn’t actually classed as a […]

The Best Non-Dairy Milks For Coffee

Best Cows Milk Alternative For Coffee

The 8 Best Non-Dairy Milk for Coffee If you have chosen a plant-based diet, a vegan diet (even if just for Veganuary) or are allergic to dairy, it no longer means you have to miss out on your favourite hot drinks and caffeine kicks. Coffee shops now provide a huge range of milk alternatives, and […]

14 Ideas For Leftover Coffee Grounds

Best Uses For Used Coffee Grounds

14 Clever Ideas For Leftover Coffee Grounds It is thought that Brits drink almost 100 million cups of coffee every single year, which means it still lags behind our love of tea but also shows its popularity has almost doubled in the past decade (1). But with each cup comes unfortunate waste, especially if you’re […]

Opening Your Own Coffee Shop: What You Need To Consider

How To Open Your Own Coffee Shop

So, your passion for coffee has reached the extent that you want to live and breathe the stuff. Help other people fulfil their caffeine requirements while earning a living. Want to escape the rat race and do business on your own terms. For many people, coffee shop visits are just as important as finding the […]

7 Unusual Ways To Make A Cup Of Coffee


You may be somebody who uses a pour-over dripper on a regular basis, thinking of coffee as an art and hobby as well as an essential ingredient to function. Or you may rely on your De’Longhi bean to cup machine day in, day out, and you find people who use anything manual utterly baffling. But […]

The Ultimate Gift Guide For Coffee Lovers

Best Coffee Gifts

The Ultimate Gift Guide For Coffee Lovers Whether it be for their birthday, Mother’s/Father’s Day or just as a bit of a treat (‘cos everybody loves an unexpected treat), finding a gift which taps into somebody’s passions and tastes means they will be super happy and you will win some brownie points. You can, of […]

Making The Perfect Espresso In 4 Easy Steps

How To Make The Perfect Espresso

Espresso is seen as the King of all coffee. It is the perfect quick caffeine kick if you require a pick-me-up (which probably happens more than you wish), but can also be a base for all your lattes, mochas and even the iced coffees. Everything starts with espresso. Without espresso, there wouldn’t be all the […]