Coffee Friend is a site dedicated entirely to coffee, whether it be machines or beans, and they are hugely popular throughout all of Europe.

In general, they are one of the cheapest coffee machine websites, often selling certain machines for £100+ less than rivals. So, when it comes trying to grab a bargain this Black Friday, they are set to really give us some great deals.

Plus, you can buy with Klarna, allowing you to pay back in instalments, so you can spend that bit more on the machine of your dreams.

The Best Coffee Machines in The Coffee Friend’s Black Friday Sale

Coffee machine De’Longhi “Dinamica ECAM 350.55.B”

De'Longhi Dinamica ECAM 350.55.B - Now £549 (Save £50)

  • Touch control panel
  • LCD display
  • Wide variety of drinks
  • Personalise each beverage

A brilliant little machine at any price, the Dinamica allows you to choose from a set amount of over 10 drinks. But you don’t have to have them as they come – feel free to personalise them if you like more milk or a stronger coffees.

The included milk frother is perfect for crafting cappuccinos and the like, and you have a milk regulator knob so you can still control this too.

Fellow Stag Pour-Over Kettle - Matte Black

Fellow Products - 25% Off

  • Top range of coffee products
  • Professional Barista standard
  • Includes new products and releases

If you have seen any videos of baristas on Instagram who are being all arty and fancy with how they make a brew, there is a chance that they use Fellow products.

This is for good reason – they are good, and they look arty.

The sale includes their kettles (both pour-over and electric) and cups, so you can make the most of the bargain and grab yourself a matching set.

Coffee machine Saeco “PicoBaristo SM5479:10”

Saeco PicoBarista - 25% Off

  • Make 10+ recipes
  • Set your desired preferences
  • Make milk-based coffees
  • Fast heating boiler

A ceramic coffee grinder, 12 grind settings, automatic rinsing when turned on, Milk Clean and a nice cubic design – this is a really great machine which is sure to make heads turn.

A nice large milk frother means it is perfect for anyone who likes lattes and other milky beverages, and there are really clear buttons to allow you to select your choice.

Caprissimo Coffee Beans

Caprissimo Coffee - Buy One Get One Free

  • 1kg bags
  • Mix & Match possible

What is better than a bag of coffee? A bag of free coffee, when you buy any Caprissimo 1kg coffee pack.

Add any two to your trolley and the discount will automatically be applied, which will allow you to either stock up or pick a variety of beans. 

Parallel Coffee

Parallel Coffee - Buy One Get One Free

  • Three varieties to choose from
  • Mix & Match

Parallel 12, 17 or 36 are three varieties of coffee which is great if you have a particular taste.

They are 1kg bags which should keep you ticked over for a little while, and plenty of information is given about the varieties if you want some background info.

Cafe Leigeos Bella Roma - Save 40%

  • 1kg bag
  • 100% Arabica from 5 different countries for balanced unique flavour

A ripe berry taste and sweetness, this is a lovely coffee if you have a sweeter tooth and want something a bit light and refreshing.

There is a sourness at first which soon turns into a sweet aftertaste – ideal to perk you up then keep you happy throughout the day!

Our Philosophy is simple: “Love Coffee at Home.”

We want everyone to be able to enjoy really tasty coffee in the comfort of their own home. It’s easy, and shouldn’t be exclusive to a coffee shop.

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