Flavour Of The Month: Rave Coffee

We want to shine the spotlight on a brand which every kind of coffee consumer should know about – Rave Coffee.

Only really starting out drinking it and don’t know what you want yet? Love it so much that you can never seem to have enough in your kitchen cupboards? Want to know more about just how your coffee gets from cherry to liquid gold?

They pretty much cover every single base. From specially sourced coffee beans and taster packs to coffee pods, cold brew blends and subscription boxes, there is no doubt they are perfect for everyone.

Rave Coffee 

Based in Cirencester, Rave is a group of coffee roasters at heart but have expanded over the years to bring the public a real selection of specially sourced beans, quality brewing equipment recommendations and coffee subscriptions.

They make unique flavours, by blending single-origin coffee for a more complex flavour. When you purchase, it is roasted fresh and by hand to ensure the perfect end result, and ultimate taste experience when it arrives at your door.

With taste notes, you can pick out the one you think you like the sound of the most, or you can pick one of their specially put-together Taster Packs in case you feel the proof is in the tasting.

Rave Coffee Review

Their single-origin blends are available as they are too, sourced from plantations right around the world. Cutting out the middle man means stronger bonds with the farms, based everywhere from common coffee countries such as Colombia and Brazil to China, India and Timor Leste.

They also offer decaf blends packed full of flavour, as well as Nespresso-compatible pods if you fancy expanding your capsule collection.

Rave Subscription Box

Rave is perhaps best known, however, for their monthly subscription boxes, which can be personal or gifted (Check out how it compares to the other subscription boxes we reviewed)

It isn’t just a box filled with coffee, though. It is, in their own words, a “journey of discovery”. Fully educational, each month the recipient will get a different blend of coffee based on their overall tastes.

Rave Coffee World Map

Traditional is as you’d imagine – aromatic, full-bodied and roasted medium or dark, able to be drunk on their own or with milk. Discovery coffee is clean, aromatic and distinct, packed full of flavour, for an experience not able to buy from the high street.

The coffee arrives either full bean or pre-ground to suit their coffee maker, but it is the booklet which comes with it all that is the icing on the cake. It will tell you how exactly coffee is made from the cherry to the packet which arrives in front of you, going into detail about every stage.

Rave Coffee Process

It also tells you how the flavours are achieved, where in the world the coffee is from, as well as how you can get the most out of it. From techniques to tuition, Rave believes that if you know exactly what is in your mug, you will be able to enjoy it even more and really value it as more than a pick-me-up.

If you choose to give it as a gift, you can opt for a 3, 6 0r 12-month subscription, with a chosen delivery date. There are other gift options available too, from one-off starter kits to merchandise so they can represent their new favourite brand.

What We Tried

We sampled a Subscription Box, with options from both the Discovery and Traditional blends, for our Father’s Day gift review.

Rave Coffee Subscription Fathers Day Coffee Gift

On each bag, you get notes about where the coffee has come from as well as a guide catered to what you have received. They work closely with the single-origin farms, ensuring a fair wage for the employees. And the fact that it cuts out the middle man means all the money goes to those who need it the most.

The cost is also kept down for you. To say you are getting much more than a bog-standard jar of coffee which you could pick up from the supermarket, the prices are great.

Other Products

On top of the coffee and subscription boxes which Rave offer, they also have a store selling the equipment which you need to get your coffee made how you wish.

And it is all the best stuff, from names such as Hario and Aeropress. As mentioned, the coffee is also available as pods, including compostable Nespresso pods in case you’re concerned about the effect that your mounting capsule coffee addiction is having on the planet.

They also have a dedicated Cold Brew coffee section with specially-made coffee beans available, and a guide on how best to make it, in case you want something a bit different.

Want to take pretty much everything into your own hands, though? Well, Rave sells green coffee beans, which you can roast at home to cater to your tastes, as and when you need them.

They are farmed mainly by single-estate and smallholder cooperatives, so all have different flavour profiles and can be mixed to create your own unique blends. With options which taste like fruits, chocolates, and other earthy flavours, now is the time to make the coffee you have always dreamed of.

Rave also provides products for wholesale, such as purchasing or leasing coffee machines, other equipment and training and education.

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