10 Best Coffee Advent Calendars for 2021: Our Fun, Festive Faves!

Coffee advent calendars are a great way to celebrate the holiday season. Stay warm with the new coffee varieties in each advent window as you count down the days to Christmas.

We have picked out the best coffee advent calendars for coffee lovers of all kinds. 

Whether you need ground coffee, whole bean coffee, or coffee pods, we’ll help you find the perfect coffee advent calendar present!

This coffee advent calendar comes with 23 unique flavoured capsules plus a surprise gift for the 24th day. 

Nespresso has also made the calendar available in two versions. One contains their signature original-shaped capsules, while the other contains their vertuo model capsules. 

So as long as you know which capsule type the recipient needs, this entry truly makes the perfect present for anyone owning a Nespresso pod coffee machine.

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Half of this advent calendar’s slots are filled with never-before-seen coffee flavours. So this entry is well worth buying even if you’ve experienced any of Yawn Brew’s past advent calendars. 

The calendar contains 24 individual sachets and is available in two versions:

Buy it now to give your loved ones a taste of 4 light roast, 14 medium roast, and 6 dark roast blends!

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This calendar comes with 25 sachets of organic coffee. That’s one bonus cup compared to most other advent calendars! 

The packaging is completely recyclable. And The Brew Company’s COFFEEBREWER bags are reusable. Once you’ve brewed a cup, simply wash out the coffee bag and refill it with new coffee grounds. 

Feel free to browse The Brew Company’s Christmas Collection for more specialised coffee advent calendars. 

They’ve released an espresso advent calendar for more hardcore caffeine fans. But they also have a decaf coffee advent calendar for anyone trying to watch their caffeine intake. A tea advent calendar is also available!

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PerkULatte’s advent calendar includes two entries of 12 great coffee flavours for a total of 24 days of delightful treats.

Depending on your (or your loved one’s) preference, order the calendar in any of its two versions:

Shipping is free within the UK. And since it’s delivered via Royal Mail 1st class, it’ll most likely arrive very quickly too! Get one delivered to a friend or family member right now!

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Use this calendar to count off the first 24 days of December, with bonus surprises on the 1st and 24th days!

This instant coffee entry perfectly suits anyone who wants to focus more on drinking, and less on tedious brewing. 

Each window on the calendar contains two sachets of flavoured, vegan instant coffee. Meaning that if you give this to a loved one, you’re actually giving them 46 cups + 2 bonus gifts. So get your Beanies coffee fix while stocks last!

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This is a great gift to share with a partner or to give to another couple you know. 

Each of the 24 windows has two bags of ground Arabica coffee. That’s a total of 48 cups of coffee from 12 unique blends. 

You also automatically get free next-day shipping within the UK. So this is the perfect coffee advent calendar present to turn to if you’re in a hurry!

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Could this coffee advent calendar be any more perfect? This FRIENDS calendar contains a total of 24 Nespresso-compatible coffee pods. 

The window designs reference your favourite show. And you can flip the box over to learn more about the 8 delicious flavours inside. 

Note that the capsules have the original Nespresso pod shape. So these pods won’t work for a recipient who owns a Nespresso machine that requires vertuo capsules.

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For coffee lovers who enjoy an extra kick, Real Coffee’s calendar is the way to go! 

With two pods in each of the 24 windows, you can share a delicious espresso with a loved one all the way up to Christmas Eve. 

That’s 48 organic coffee pods with 13 exclusive flavours waiting to celebrate with you!

Note that the capsules have the original Nespresso pod shape. So these pods won’t work for a recipient who owns a Nespresso machine that requires vertuo capsules.

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This great coffee advent calendar has 24 windows, each one containing 25 g of ground coffee. 

Look at the back of the box to learn more about the 6 coffee types you will be receiving.

For a whole bean advent calendar from the same brand, check out  C&T’s Coffee Bio/Fair Whole Bean Advent Calendar.

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Harrods premium advent calendar comes with 24 coffee pod capsules that are compatible with both Nespresso and Dualit machines.

Stay warm this December with 6 select Harrods blends. 

Note that the capsules have the original Nespresso pod shape. So these pods won’t work for a recipient who owns a Nespresso machine that requires vertuo capsules.

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