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    Finding the best filter coffee machine for your needs takes a lot of consideration. These are our top 10 picks.

    The best filter coffee machines use the drip method of preparation, producing a large quantity of black coffee from fresh beans or grounds but keeping it warm in a carafe ready for serving. The process and water pouring are pretty much hands-off and done automatically instead of manual drip brewers.

    They are great for anyone who purely likes a cup of black coffee, or prefers to just simply add milk rather than bothering with foaming it for cappuccinos and lattes. They’re also perfect for larger households, being able to make on average 10 cups at a time and keep it warm to cater to differing schedules.

    Our Top Picks

    The Best Drip Filter Coffee Machines

    Electric Drip Filter Coffee Machine Buying Guide

    Which is the best filter coffee machine for you?

    Think about your budget, coffee drinking habits, how many cups you will want to make at once, as well as whether you like to keep the drink warm for an extended period.

    All electronic filter coffee machines will only produce black coffee, and the quality of coffee is often as much to do with the variety of the grounds rather than the device. You may have to experiment to find your favourite.


    Concerning size, the majority will hold around 10 to 12 cups worth of coffee. This is usually around 5 standard large mug sizes. There are smaller versions available which will prepare about 2 mugs, though, which are great if you are the only coffee drinker in the house.


    Most modern filter coffee machines will use reusable filters, whether cloth or metal. This cuts down on your waste and the need to buy extra filters, as they just need washing.

    If you do prefer paper filters however (such as if you like a slower drip for a stronger taste), there is a good chance you will be able to use these instead of the one supplied.


    The cost of filter machines ranges from around £30 to over £100. Those at the higher end of the scale are generally seen as being more effective at their job and filtering the coffee, resulting in a better taste. However, as our review showed, it isn’t necessarily the most expensive ones you need to go with.

    Extra prices to consider are the cost of coffee grounds or beans, as well as additional filters with every use if you’re using paper options.


    Can I keep the coffee hotter for longer?

    One of the selling points of an electronic filter machine is that a large batch of coffee can be kept warm for a prolonged amount of time. Most have hot plates or use thermos jugs.

    The most a hot plate will work for before automatically shutting off is usually about 45 minutes, as this is a regulation in place by the EU. If you have a model which uses a thermal jug, however, this could go over the two-hour mark as well as not needing any power to stay warm.

    This is part of wider manufacturing regulations – you can’t extend this timing. Most machines do keep warm with the simple press of a button though, so there is nothing to stop you pressing it again after this time is up.

    Or, you could use an insulated thermos jug. There are some modern options which come with one of these rather than glass carafe, which also saves you some energy usage.

    Do I need to pour the water myself?

    You will need to fill the water compartment up to the desired level, but the machine controls the drip through rate automatically. So essentially, it can be left to its own devices.

    This is unlike the manual pour-over drip coffee makers where you have to add the water in stages, so the electric versions are technically a lot less hassle to use.

    How do I clean an electric filter coffee machine?

    Most of the parts of the machine will likely be removable, such as the filter and holder and the water tank. These can be washed by hand in warm soapy water and left to dry.

    The filter and holder will need washing after every use, to get rid of any leftover coffee residue which could taint the taste of your next serving. The external of the machine will probably just need wiping with a damp cloth if it becomes dirty, but always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


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