Flavour Of The Month: Halo Coffee

halo coffee review

If you’ve recently been looking to make more sustainable and greener choices in life, from the car you drive all the way down to the coffee you drink, our Flavour Of The Month for December might be of particular interest to you… Especially if you’re an avid user of single-serve coffee pod machines! This month […]

5 Rings: Olympic Champions to Coffee Aficionados

5 Rings Coffee Review

What is the next step when you’ve won Gold medals at the Olympics and become household names in the world of cycling? Team up with longstanding friends who have been on the same journey, and who you share one big passion with away from the career and aspirations which brought you together? Sounds good to […]

Flavour Of The Month: Farrers Coffee

If you could settle down with the best ever cup of coffee and be anywhere in the UK, where would you pick? The Lake District would be our go-to, with rolling hills and picturesque scenery. And as for the coffee, you wouldn’t go wrong with a blend from one of the oldest coffee roasters in […]

Flavour Of The Month: Notes Coffee & Selfridges

It’s officially October, which means Autumn is well and truly upon us, Halloween is fast approaching and most importantly of all, it’s time to review another delicious new Secret Coffee Club pick! This time around, we’ve got something incredibly special in store for all you coffee cravers, as our selected taste sensation is Selfridge’s all-new […]

Flavour Of The Month: We Are Here Coffee

We Are Here Coffee Review Subscription Box

You love coffee. That is why you have ended up here, probably. But sometimes, despite your passion, you are a little overwhelmed by just how complicated it can get. You make a cup of coffee when you need a boost, or when you want a warm drink. You enjoy the taste, but some of the […]

Flavour Of The Month: Heart & Graft

Heart and Graft Coffee Roastery Review

The latest pick for Secret Coffee Club is Heart & Graft, a Manchester-based coffee roastery with a vision to “be a place where people can come and be inspired by the journey coffee takes from field to cup”. Not only do they provide coffee shops and customers with their picks of the best coffee beans […]

Flavour Of The Month: Rave Coffee

Rave Coffee Review Subscription Box

We want to shine the spotlight on a brand which every kind of coffee consumer should know about – Rave Coffee. Only really starting out drinking it and don’t know what you want yet? Love it so much that you can never seem to have enough in your kitchen cupboards? Want to know more about […]