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    Offices operate on a whole other level compared to homes up and down the country when it comes to coffee consumption.

    Depending on how many people are in the office, you could need a machine which has to put out dozens of coffees every single day. But it isn’t only their output which you have to consider.

    You will want something which can use the best cost-effective form of coffee, and which also doesn’t cost a ridiculous amount to run. Coffees will also need to be made quickly, and it is a good idea if there is minimal hassle when it comes to cleaning and looking after it.

    So, without further ado, these are the best coffee machines for office use, whether you have a small team or a demanding rabble.

    You may also want to check out our ordinary Bean To Cup coffee machines page if you don’t think you need something quite as quick and in-demand.

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    The Best Coffee Machines For Offices

    Office Coffee Machine Buying Guide

    How To Choose The Best Coffee Machine For Your Office

    There are a few big things to consider:

    • How many members of staff do you have (who will use it)?
    • How many cups will it need to make every day?
    • Where will it be situated?

    But it is also important to take into account how easy the machine is to use – you don’t want people taking ages learning how to use the machine or getting it right. Nor do you want them to waste time preparing the coffee, which is why a machine such as an automatic bean to cup which does every single job is ideal.

    Something like an espresso machine may be too complicated to get to grips with, and there is room for error, whereas a pod machine is relatively easy for all to learn about.

    After all, everyone will probably be perfectly happy with a standard coffee and splash of milk and will not be expecting a frothy latte with chocolate sprinkles.

    Not sure whether to just stick with the kettle? Check out our guide on why a bean to cup machine makes much more sense to use in your office.


    We think bean to cup machines are the best for offices. Just touch a few buttons and you have a coffee – no tamping or grinding.

    But for those which need to make 100+ coffees per day or would perhaps just flow better with a constant supply ready as opposed to spending break times making it, a filter coffee machine is also a good plan. Pod machines are easy too, but best for under 10 people and those who maybe would rather buy their own coffee pods.

    Number Of Coffees

    Take how many people drink coffee every day, and multiply by 2 or 3 (depending on how many coffees they usually have on average). This should tell you how many coffees your machine needs to be able to make in a day.

    Also think about whether you often have other people coming into the office, such as clients and guest workers, and if you’re looking at hiring extra people in the next few months. You’re better buying a machine which can make too many coffees than one which will struggle on busy days.

    If you don’t think you will need anywhere near 80 or 90, take a look at our other pages, such as the ordinary Bean To Cup machines.

    Drinks Variety

    People will probably be very happy with a machine which can make plain black Americano coffee and they can then add milk if they wish. After all, they will be in a work environment so probably will not be bothered about frothy milk and chocolate sprinkles.

    But if you do want to give everyone something a bit more special, there are plenty of machines out there now that make adding frothed milk to drinks automatically very easy. Look for one which can create a Cappuccino at the touch of a button.


    Your budget could vary wildly, but we will say that spending that bit more on a machine will likely be better in the long run.

    Not only will it likely last longer and be better at making the coffee quickly and correctly, but it may also come with handy features such as self-cleaning cycles.

    Most of the machines we have included are over £1000, but models which can make less than 50 drinks per day for smaller offices can be bought for under £500.


    Are these machines only good for offices?

    No! While they are simple for everyone to get to grips with and give people some choice, they would also work well in beauty salons or hairdressers, car showrooms, or anywhere else where there may need to be a high volume of coffee made.

    Some are even fine for home use, if you simply want the best on the market.


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    Our Philosophy is simple: “Love Coffee at Home.”

    We want everyone to be able to enjoy really tasty coffee in the comfort of their own home. It’s easy, and shouldn’t be exclusive to a coffee shop.

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