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    The perfect way to bring out your inner barista, a bean to cup coffee machine is a little bit of your favourite coffee shop right in your own kitchen.

    Without leaving your home, you can have fresh coffee at your fingertips. Grinding the bean just before it is used means it has stayed as fresh as possible, which is why coffee shops will use beans rather than pre-bought grounds.

    Finding the best bean to cup coffee machine means taking into consideration your particular taste in coffee, as well as your budget and if you like milk-based drinks to be made with ease.

    Below are our picks of the best bean to cup coffee maker reviewed.

    Our Top Picks

    The Best Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines

    Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine Buying Guide

    What is a bean to cup coffee machine?

    A bean to cup coffee machine is a form of coffee maker which grinds coffee beans just before they are used, resulting in a fresher taste.

    These coffee grounds are then mixed with the preheated water and dispensed into the cup. Many bean to cup coffee machines come with milk frothers so you can also choose to make drinks such as cappuccinos as well as espresso shots and the strength and length of the coffee are usually adjustable in some form.

    Because bean to cup coffee machines are so popular and give you barista results, many people will say that the best bean to cup coffee machine is actually the overall best coffee maker in the UK.

    Why bean to cup coffee machines are popular

    Once beans have been ground, they immediately start to lose their flavour. That is why instant coffee will never taste like the one you get out of the coffee shop on your lunch break.

    As a bean to cup coffee machine grinds the beans on-demand, the result is a full flavour which would be found in a cafe. Hence, many coffee shops will often use bean to cup coffee machines.

    A built-in grinder means you don’t have to do this yourself or buy any extra gadgets.

    How to find the best bean to cup coffee machine

    The best bean to cup coffee machine for every individual changes from person to person.

    Think about how many cups of coffee you will want to make at any one time, as well as how personalised you like your coffee. Some bean to cup coffee machines will just allow you to change things like how much water you put into the cup, whereas others may be able to alter the intensity via the grinding process or change the amount of milk which goes into the drink.

    In our bean to cup coffee maker reviews above, we have highlighted a range of features which people may be looking for.


    The price of bean to cup coffee machines can vary, but they are among some of the most expensive options generally. This isn’t surprising, given the technology which goes into making them work.

    Bean to cup coffee machines need a good grinder, which is the most vital part of the bean to cup machine. They will also have several parts which dispense coffee, dispense milk, and heat water.

    In contrast, they are thought of as one of the cheapest options to run over time. Buying coffee beans is usually less expensive than pre-ground coffee, and definitely cheaper than using pods (as well as being better for the environment).


    What are the best beans to use in a bean to cup coffee machine?

    The end resulting coffee isn’t just about the bean to cup appliance itself. In fact, a lot of it depends on the quality of the beans.

    Most bean to cup coffee machines recommend you don’t use oily beans, as this can damage the texture of the grinder over time.

    And, as a personal recommendation – don’t skimp on quality. If you’re a coffee connoisseur, you’re going to be wanting the best taste. And you can choose from any of the four types of coffee beans depending on your taste preferences.

    The same applies if you’re looking at bean to cup machines in the first place.

    There are good quality brands available from supermarkets or local shops, so don’t worry if you have no coffee stores around. A case of trial and error may be the best option, to see which suits both your taste buds and the method of the machine the best.

    How does a smart coffee machine work?

    Pretty much the same way as most other smart appliances. Smart bean to cup coffee machines are usually connected to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, and you operate them through the official manufacturer app.

    Each will vary, but you can usually control the bean to cup coffee machine and get it to make a cup of coffee remotely if you are in range, such as being in bed. High-end options may let you choose from a wide range of different coffee types, personalise them, and save the particular drink for easier access the next time you use it.

    What is an automatic bean to cup coffee machine?

    Simply put, an automatic bean to cup coffee machine is a coffee machine which does everything for you and requires no extra attention.

    So, it puts the right amount of coffee in, grinds it to the right level, and pours the right amount of water.

    What is a self cleaning bean to cup coffee machine?

    Simply put, you press a button and it will flush through hot water after every use to ensure that no excess coffee is stuck to the inner pipe work.

    This is a great option for anyone who regularly uses their bean to cup coffee machine, and who wants to keep it as clean as possible in between big cleans every few months.

    Should I get a bean to cup coffee machine which has a milk frother?

    If you like milky drinks, yes! Some can be automatic, so the milk is added if you want to make a certain drink. Some have milk frother wands, so you control your own milk frothing in a separate jug.

    Which you need depends on your coffee favourites – if you always opt for milk based coffee drinks, go for an automatic one. If you like to control your own and feel a bit like a barista, opt for a wand.

    The best bean to cup coffee machine for you will likely be an investment, so you want to get it right.

    Bean to cup coffee machine or espresso machine?

    An espresso machine will use pre-ground coffee, so unless you’re grinding yourself, it won’t give as fresh results. They of course only make espressos too, so you’re a bit more limited in your end drinks options.

    A fully automatic bean to cup coffee machine can usually make espressos and regular coffee drinks, as well as some milk based drinks. Yes, an espresso machine will sometimes have a milk frothing wand, but few will offer automatic options.

    Are there any negatives of bean to cup coffee machines?

    They need descaling and cleaning often, as a lot of the appliance is used in the coffee making process. Some make this more comfortable than others, by simply blasting a shot of hot steam through the internal operations, and some require you to take them apart and hand wash everything separately.

    Some are also quite noisy when grinding the beans, but this can’t be helped and usually only lasts a few minutes maximum.


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