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Beko Bean to Cup Coffee Machine: Unbiased Breakdown & Review!

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    Looking for a bean-to-cup coffee machine on a budget?

    Then our Beko bean to cup coffee machine review highlights the perfect option for you!

    It offers a wide range of features at the reasonable price of around £329.

    Keep reading to find out more about how this machine offers an easy-to-use system that doesn’t take up much space.

    Beko Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Review in a Nutshell

    Beko Bean to Cup Coffee Machines are excellent budget machines. They pour a fairly decent shot and are quite consistent from one cup of coffee to the next.

    It won’t pour the premium espresso you’d expect from high-end machines. However, it has many features that rival expensive machines.

    The addition of a steam wand is a great start if you’re learning how to make latte art.

    The Beko bean to cup coffee machine comes with a stainless steel outer shell and is only 23.6 cm wide. The machine will add a modern look to your kitchen counter.

    Beko CEG5301 Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine on Counter mirrored

    This Beko bean to cup coffee machine review found that the Beko CEG5311 brews a strong cup of coffee without breaking the bank.

    Our review covers three model variations for you to consider:


    We’ve gathered all the device specifications into a table for easy reference:

    SizeHeight: 380mm
    Width: 236mm
    Depth: 436mm
    Bean TrayWhole Beans
    Removable Water Tank Capacity1.5 Litres
    Built-in Coffee FilterBrewing Chamber
    Control PanelLCD Touch Display
    Coffee Strength AdjustmentMild and Strong
    PowerButton and Automatic
    Water Pressure AdjustmentYes
    Milk FrotherSteam wand
    Pump Pressure19 Bars
    Bean GrinderYes (integrated)
    Bean Grinder Settings19
    Bean Capacity125 grams
    Descaling ProgrammeYes
    Self Rinsing ComponentYes
    Removable Drip TrayYes


    • Stainless Steel Finish: The machine’s outer shell is an aesthetically pleasing stainless steel.

    This sets it apart from the cheaper plastic shell that competitors use.

    Stainless steel is less prone to gathering dirt than plastic is.

    • 19-Bar Pressure: The pressure output delivers a consistently foamy espresso shot with a decent crema.

    The consistent pressure output creates a great-tasting coffee.

    The machine also has a programmable shot setting – perfect for the budding home barista.

    • Control Panel: The one-touch LCD panel enhances the modern design of these coffee machines.

    There’s only one physical button on the device, the power button.

    The control is easy-to-use and responds quickly.

    The control panel also includes onboard memory settings that allow users to set their shot preferences.

    • Auto Rinsing: Thanks to the pre-programmed automated cleaning system, no coffee grains stay in the system to taint the next espresso.

    The rinsing system empties all coffee pucks into a removable coffee grounds tray. The machine will warn the user, via the control panel, when the tray is full.

    We still suggest you manually clean your coffee machine for best results.

    • Steam Nozzle: The steam wand on the Beko CEG5311 can’t compare to an industrial machine.

    However, in a budget machine, the inclusion of a steam wand for manual milk steaming is above expectation.

    The nozzle produces constant pressure once it gets going.

    Beko CEG5311's steam wand being used to froth milk in a jug

    • Integrated Bean Grinder: The coffee bean dispenser, which is well hidden by a lid on top of the device, can take 125 grams of coffee – half the size of a regular bag.

    The tray has an adjustable grinder so you can adjust the fineness of the grounds.

    The device collects the beans from the tray, and grinds enough for either a single or double shot, depending on your chosen setting.

    • Pre-Brewing System: The pre-brewing system moistens the coffee beans and helps release the oils for the brewing process.

    The pre-brewing unit helps give a full-bodied taste to each espresso.

    • Auto Shut Off: The machine has an automatic shut-off system.

    Knowing that your system isn’t using extra electricity while not in use is a pleasing thought.

    This makes the device safer for you, the environment, and your wallet.

    • Removable Water Tank: The machine comes with a 1.4-litre removable water tank.

    This feature minimises the effort of refilling the water tank when it’s empty. There’s no effort in cleaning the water tank after several uses.

    Want to know more about how to use all these features? Check out our hints and tips for bean to cup machines.

    Issues To Consider

    As you may expect from a budget machine, this Beko coffee machine has some cons:

    • Sizing Issues: The bean dispenser only holds 125 grams of beans. You’ll need to refill it after every few coffees.

    The drip tray and puck tray have a similar issue as they can’t hold much water or coffee grounds.

    Because the device is constantly cleaning itself, the drip tray fills quickly. Keeping the dispenser full and trays empty can be a tedious task.

    • Water Temperature: The pre-heater water system pours an espresso shot at a lower temperature than the recommended 90-96ºC.

    A lukewarm cup of coffee isn’t acceptable by any standards. Although there’s a hot water function on the machine, we don’t recommend using it.

    If you want something other than espresso, you may want to boil the kettle for a steaming cup of coffee.

    • Steam Nozzle: The steam nozzle is a welcome addition to the machine. However, many users find the pressure a bit low.

    The nozzle’s shape, along with the pressure, makes it difficult to get a vortex spinning in the milk.

    It’s difficult to produce great microfoam that will produce coffee art for your flat whites. But with practice, it’s possible to still froth smooth enough to make a flat white.

    Which of the Beko Bean to Cup Coffee Machines is the Best?

    This Beko Bean to Cup Coffee Machine comes in three variants:

    • A basic option that doesn’t have a milk frothing option (CEG5301)
    • An option with a steam wand (CEG5311)
    • An option with an integrated milk frother (CEG5331)

    While the CEG5301 has a smaller water tank and is slightly smaller, each of the three boasts the same features and specifications.

    The only defining difference between the three is the milk frothing function.

    • CEG5301: At about £230, the CEG5301 is nearly £100 cheaper than its counterparts. It has no milk-steaming options, leaving only the option of an espresso.

    Beko Bean-to-Cup CEG5301 Coffee Machine

    This is a great option if you’re looking for a bean to cup machine on an extreme budget. However, you may find yourself lost when wanting to make a homemade cappuccino.

    • CEG5311: The CEG5311 costs around £329 and has a steam nozzle.

    Beko Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine CEG5311

    This allows you to froth milk manually, lending a more personal touch to your coffee, and allowing you to feel like a home barista.

    While each Beko bean to cup coffee machine has unique perks, nothing beats knowing you’ve made a great cup of coffee from start to finish.

    With a steam nozzle of your own to froth up your milk, the CEG5331 gives you that home barista sensation.

    However, this depends on your preference and how you want to use the machine.

    • CEG5331: The CEG5331 is the same price as the CEG5311 machine (about £329), and comes with an integrated milk frother.

    Beko Bean-to-Cup CEG5331 Coffee Machine

    This option is a matter of personal preference, with the integrated milk frother being the lazier option.

    The frother is inside the machine, while the carafe is external. This saves space and keeps the simple design while providing a decent texture for latte art.

    Why Should I Choose Beko Bean to Cup Coffee Machine?

    The Beko Bean to Cup Coffee Machine is an excellent budget machine. We even gave it second place in our 10 Best Bean to Cup Machines 2021.

    The machine does the job and more. Beko has a name for its quality and the device comes with a one-year warranty.

    The coffee made is above expectation, and the self-cleaning mechanism takes away the effort of making a cup of coffee.

    At just over £300, the Bean to Cup Coffee Machine CEG5331 checks all the boxes while adding a modern look to your kitchen.

    We hope you’ve enjoyed our Beko bean to cup coffee machine CEG5311 review.

    Don’t forget to check out related content like the bean to cup vs. pod environmental comparison.

    What’s your favourite thing about bean to cup coffee machines? Let us know in the comments.

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