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    If you own a Dolce Gusto pod machine, you will know that there is a huge variety of coffees, teas and hot chocolates available which makes them perfect for those who love all kinds of hot drinks.

    Official Dolce Gusto capsules are now available in supermarkets and shops as well as online, and 2019 has also seen the emergence of some alternative Dolce Gusto pods from supermarket own-brands and independent retailers which are great if you fancy a change.

    Below are the very best Dolce Gusto pods and our favourite picks, which are easy to find and purchase and also give you the variety and taste quality you will be after.

    Our Top Picks

    The Best Dolce Gusto Pods

    Dolce Gusto Pod Buying Guide

    Can I use Dolce Gusto pods in a Nespresso, Tassimo or Lavazza machine?

    Despite both being owned by Nescafe, the Nespresso and Dolce Gusto pods aren’t interchangeable due to the differing sizes, so you can’t buy any of the above for another form of machine except Dolce Gusto.

    Can I use alternative non-branded pods in all Dolce Gusto machines?

    Not always, no. Bear in mind that the design of Dolce Gusto pods is patented, so the alternative capsules above aren’t going to look exactly the same as the official ones. Some slight differences in shape or size may mean that they are a bit difficult to place into the space securely, are trickier to remove, or there may be difficulty piercing them.

    Read up on other user reviews before you buy. The general consensus seems to be that De’Longhi and 15 bar machines are the safest bets for using alternative pods.

    If you are worried you may be wasting money, the official pods are becoming more in line with the alternative models price-wise.


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