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    Nescafé Dolce Gusto machines are one of the most popular pod ranges on the market.

    Their fans rate the affordability and availability of the capsules, as well as the great price of the machines. Nescafé is also one of the leading coffee brands worldwide, so the resulting taste is bound to be good.

    They are also famed for their rounded style, with some of the latest models looking nothing like coffee machines.

    If you have your heart set on finding the best Dolce Gusto machine but are wondering which is ideal for your needs and lifestyle, we have picked the best available and reviewed them to help you out.


    Our Top Picks

    The Best Dolce Gusto Machines

    Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine Buying Guide

    Finding the best Dolce Gusto machine for you

    There isn’t a lot of difference between the models featured. In fact, there are only two big decisions to make really:

    • Automatic or manual?
    • The design

    Automatic machines pour the water without you having to monitor the pouring and stop it when it is at the required level, whereas manual devices need you to stop the lever when there is enough water in the cup.

    The former is excellent for those who want a pod machine because it is convenient and can make your coffee with little input from you. Just set it to brew in the mornings, and your cup is ready when you are. The latter could be a better choice for anyone who doesn’t like standard measurements with their hot drinks, perhaps preferring a stronger or weaker coffee or wanting to experiment.

    The design doesn’t vary a large amount – most are rounded with the water tank at the back and the controls at the top. But there are a few on the list, such as the Movenza and Eclipse, which really do offer something different if you want your coffee machine to stand out and look almost futuristic.

    How to use a Dolce Gusto machine

    Before you buy, you will want to know how easy they are to operate.

    Simply pop the pod in, switch the lever to hot or cold, and either choose the water amount which will be poured (automatics and touch) or turn off the lever when done (manuals).

    All machines will need to be placed through at least one cleaning cycle before being fully used for the first time.


    This is something which doesn’t vary much with Dolce Gusto machines. You’ll struggle to find a device retailing for above £200, and the price doesn’t even make much of a difference regarding the efficiency and any extras. We found that models on the cheaper end of the scale seem to work just as well as those twice the price.

    What can make an impact on the total continuing cost is the price of the pods. Nescafé are usually praised for their wide availability of their pods, which unlike Nespresso pods, are widely available in supermarkets and other online retailers as well as through their own store. This gives you plenty of choices to shop around.


    All Dolce Gusto machines operate at a maximum 15 bar pressure. This is seen as an ideal to emulate real coffee shop drinks.

    The pressure can’t be adjusted by the user, but depending on the pod you use, it will automatically choose which is best. An espresso requires the highest level of pressure, and a cappuccino a minimal amount for added crema, for example.


    Do I need a milk frother with the Dolce Gusto machines?

    Not necessarily. It all depends on the particular drink you choose to make.

    If you want a milk-based drink such as a cafe au lait, there will be milk powder in each pod. However, something like a Grande will require the addition of milk, but this doesn’t have to be frothy, so a milk frother is unnecessary.

    Which pods are available?

    The Nescafé Dolce Gusto truly is a machine which can be described as a hot drinks maker as well as a coffee maker.

    There are over 40 pod varieties available, from Flat White to Cafe Au Lait and Americano, as well as decaffeinated coffees, Marrakesh style tea and Chococino. This makes them great for the whole family – you don’t just have to be a coffee lover.

    There are different categories too. Short/medium/large cup size, mild/intense/very intense flavour or hot or cold versions.

    Can I use Tassimo or other pods in a Dolce Gusto machine?

    The capsules of the three big brands – Dolce Gusto, Tassimo and Nespresso – generally can’t be switched because they’re different sizes. If you use a pod which is the wrong size or doesn’t comfortably fit, it may result in it not being pierced or becoming lodged and jammed in the compartment.

    Some third-party brands may fit into these machines, but it is risky and would be a case of trial and error.


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