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    If you’re travelling a lot, or you want to take coffee with you without spending money at the coffee shop, you want a travel mug.

    You don’t just want a unit that can carry the liquid, though. You also want a mug that can keep hot drinks hot, or cold drinks cold, for an extended period of time.

    On top of that, a good mug can be well insulated, easy to clean, and spill-resistant. That puts it way ahead of traditional paper coffee cups.

    What you’re looking for is a blend of quality and value. Here, we’ve rounded up the best coffee travel mugs on the market today.

    From small form mugs with handles to larger mugs that hold more liquid, there are many solid options to choose from.

    Our Top Picks

    Coffee Travel Mug Buying Guide

    How to Choose the Right Capacity

    You want a mug that can carry the right amount of liquid or fit everything you need. When you shop, it’s critical to pay attention to capacity.

    If you’re into larger servings, you want something big like the Umite Chef Tumbler (at 900 ml). If this is overkill, there are mugs of many different sizes, like the small form Hydro Flask (350 ml), or the middle-of-the-road Simple Modern (680 ml).

    One factor to help you decide which size you need is how much caffeine per day you should have. Check out our guide on how much caffeine is in a cup of coffee and use that insight as you shop around.

    Check for Thorough Insulation

    Virtually any travel coffee mug you come across will have some form of insulation. This is critical because those who are on the go will be carrying drinks with them for extended periods of time. You want your coffee or tea to still be hot after leaving it for a few hours.

    Most mugs are capable of this, although the quality of insulation varies a bit.

    Decide Upon the Type of Lid

    Lids are also different on coffee travel mugs. Some twist on to help seal in the liquid, while others snap on and off for easy removal. Be prepared for a slightly daunting cleaning experience with some lid designs.

    What About Straws?

    A few travel mugs come with a reusable straw. This is handy for stirring, or if the lid has a small hole which is hard to drink from. If your mug doesn’t come with a straw, you could always get one. In fact, we’ve rounded up the 10 best reusable straws of the year 2021 if you need help picking one!


    As you carry your new travel mug around, your friends and loved ones will be bound to notice.

    Don’t leave them out, why not buy them their own travel mugs as well?

    Alternatively, if you’re still looking for the perfect Christmas gift for a coffee-loving family member, we’ve gathered coffee-related gifts in case you need some inspiration.


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