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    We are all becoming increasingly concerned about single-use items. It is why reusable coffee cups are now the norm up and down the UK as opposed to the paper ones which were once seen as the handiest takeaway option.

    Plastic straws are also being phased out, with a full ban being brought in in 2020. They were commonly given out in coffee shops with iced drinks, but will also not be available in supermarkets or online.

    A whopping 8.5 billion single-use straws are thought to be thrown out every year in the UK alone, so it will be a phenomenal help.

    Most cafes have already phased them out. So, if you need a straw for medical needs, or you simply prefer drinking your iced coffees this way and those soggy paper straws are a big no, we have some of the best reusable offerings below for every need and drink.

    Our Top Picks

    The Best Reusable Straws For Coffee

    Reusable Straw Buying Guide



    Chewable, which is good if someone who possibly will bite down will be using it. They will generally keep their shape after this, although they can be very flimsy. The ones we have reviewed are the best quality, so will be reliable through multiple uses


    Metal straws are by far the most solid and long-lasting, but they are generally poor when it comes to very cold or very hot drinks as it conducts the temperature. However, some have silicone tips which will protect your mouth and are collapsible or foldable if this is something you’re looking for


    No, not the flimsy ones which are single-use. These plastic straws are much stronger and can be used dozens of times before being at the end of their lifespan. When they are done with, they can still be recycled. Great for kids who need to avoid more potentially dangerous materials. Look for something which is BPA free


    As strong as metal, with the added benefit of being opaque so you can see how clean they are for hygiene reasons. But, they can be at risk of smashing or splintering, so you may want to use them just at home as opposed to out and about, and avoid them being used by kids


    This is a great material as there is currently infinite resources of it on the planet, so is very eco-friendly. However, they can deteriorate quicker than the others on the list and can sometimes go a bit soggy after use


    Remember that one of these straws is an investment which should be with you for quite possibly years.

    The price can range from a few pounds for a straw to between £5 and £30+ for a packet of several. Generally, silicone or metal will be cheapest, and it can work out as better value if you buy a pack with a few in as opposed to single straws


    Think about when and where you will be using the straw. If you have tall iced latte glasses, you will need something which reaches the bottom without making it uncomfortable to drink.

    Most range from around 19 to 25cm. A material such as silicone will be easy to cut if you need anything shorter


    Why should I use a straw with a coffee?

    Not only can it make them easier to drink, but coffee can also stain teeth or aggravate dental pain if the temperatures are high or low.

    Using a straw can largely avoid these issues. Straws can also help those with medical needs or disabilities to drink from cups or mugs.

    Can I use the straw for other drinks too?

    Yes! The great thing about using a material such as glass or metal is that the flavour doesn’t stick on the material (as long as it is thoroughly cleaned out).

    So you can take it with you to your coffee shop morning, give it a good wash and then have it with that post-work rum and coke in the evening, and then with the morning smoothie boost the next day.

    However, if you do want to keep everything separate, buying a multipack would be a great idea. One with various colours of straws is an even better idea, so you can fully separate the uses.


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