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    The French press coffee maker, or cafetiere, is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to make coffee.

    We’ll help you find the best coffee for cafetiere, and share the brands that we think make the best French press coffee.

    Sack of coffee beans with french press
    The French press is a slow brewing method that works well for home use.

    Finding the Right Coffee for Your Cafetiere

    There’s no perfect coffee for the French press. Finding the right coffee for your cafetiere depends on your taste and desires.

    Coffee Beans vs. Coffee Grounds

    When making French press coffee, you need to consider whether you want coffee beans or ground coffee.

    Ground coffee makes a cup of coffee in less time than coffee beans. However, if the coffee is finely ground, your coffee will suffer from over-extraction.

    When you over-extract, the water absorbs more than the grounds have to give. It takes the coffee beyond that optimal flavour and into the world of murky horror.

    Coffee beans offer the opposite problem. If you use them whole, the water can’t reach as much of the bean and it won’t reach that optimal flavour.

    The solution? Buy whole beans and grind them yourself. Freshly ground coffee with a coarse grind is most likely to offer a delectable brew.

    Top Tip: Pre-ground coffee loses goodness to its surroundings. Freshly ground coffee contains more flavour, aroma, and endorphins.

    Roast Level

    When buying fresh coffee beans, you need to know which level of roasting you like. There are four main levels:

    • Light
    • Medium
    • Dark
    • Darker than dark

    The longer coffee roasts, the less moisture it contains. Roasting increases the traditional coffee-like flavour, brings the oils to the surface, and gives the cup more body.

    Some people prefer light roast, which has a higher caffeine and moisture content. It also has more herbal flavours.

    For a French press, we suggest using medium or dark roast coffee.

    Since the roasting process brings the bean’s oils to the surface, the cafetiere can extract all the rich coffee flavour.

    Our Top Picks

    The Best Coffee for Cafetiere

    Tips for Brewing Coffee in a Cafetiere

    When buying the best coffee for your French press, you also need to know how to brew it.

    • Use enough coffee – To make the perfect cuppa, you need to know how much coffee you’re making.Using the appropriate amount of bean coffee or grounds is the first step to excellent coffee.As a rule of thumb, use one part coffee for every 15 parts of water. Every millilitre of water weighs one gram, so: 250g of water ÷ 15 = around 17 grams of coffee per cup.
    • Time the brew well – Using a French press or cafetiere is a relatively slow brewing method. However, you can’t afford to brew the coffee for too long.Coffee brewed for too long will have no flavour. Coffee that hasn’t brewed long enough will taste sour or salty.It’s best to aim for around 6 to 8 minutes, with a coarse grind, and 3 to 4 minutes with a fine grind.
    • Grind the coffee to the right size – Many people think that the key to good coffee brewing is grinding the coffee bean as fine as possible.With a French press, you want a coarse grind (between #1 and #4 on your average coffee grinder).If you’re brewing the coffee longer, make the grind coarser, and vice versa.
    • Don’t burn the beans – Despite what you might think, the best coffee comes from water that isn’t too hot.Generally, you want the water to be at around 94°C when you add it to the press.
    • Know your roast level – Irrespective of the brewing method used, you should always know which roasting level you prefer.The best coffee beans for you have the flavours you prefer. Do you enjoy the fruity herbal notes of light roast or the rich coffee aroma of dark roast?If you’re unsure, start with medium roast coffee then try either extreme. Most coffee drinkers prefer a dark roast for their French press.
    • Fresher is better – Always remember that fresher beans have a better flavour. A freshly ground batch of beans generally gives more flavour than pre-ground coffee.

    Above and beyond these things, remember that coffee is a matter of personal taste.

    You may like a sweet milk chocolate blend, or prefer the heady tang of citrus. You might like decaffeinated coffee, or prefer the buzz of caffeine.

    The best cup of coffee for you is the one that you enjoy. Experiment, and find the roast, blend, or origin that you love.

    To learn more about how to make the perfect cup of coffee, check out our whipped coffee guide.

    If you want to make the most of your coffee waste, have a look at the ideas for leftover coffee grounds.

    What do you love about French press coffee? Let us know in the comments.


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