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    If you own a coffee machine, when was the last time you cleaned it?

    Be honest, even if the answer is ‘never’!

    Unfortunately, a machine that has not been properly cleaned regularly can suffer from blockages, leaks and even completely stop working one day. Not to mention the fact that if it is insured or under warranty, this often won’t be valid if you have been shown to not have continued the upkeep.

    Want to know how to descale? Follow our step-by-step guide

    So, getting a descaler to give it an internal clean is recommended. The right one for you could depend on your brand of machine, type of machine and how it works. The degree of cleaning needed will depend on this too.

    Below is a selection of the best coffee machine descalers, from the biggest brands to suit any machine or need.

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    The Best Coffee Machine Descaling Aids

    Coffee Machine Descaler Buying Guide

    Choosing The Best Coffee Machine Descaler

    The best machine descaler will depend on your type of machine, brand and how often you need to use it.

    As a first step, refer to your user manual. This will let you know what ingredients you have to avoid if any, and whether descaler is even needed – some will recommend a simple vinegar solution. Others may say that you have to be very particular and buy a descaler which has been made for that machine, or that any industrial cleaner will do.

    Also, pay attention to the type of cleaner they recommend. Some will need a liquid, and others will require tablets or powder in the water tank.


    What is limescale caused by?

    Limescale, which descaling your coffee machine removes, is caused by hard water. As small bits of these catch on your pipes and internal machine parts over time, it builds up, eventually leading to some of the issues below.

    We have talked about the importance of water in the taste and quality of your water here.

    While limescale is needed in small doses, it should be kept to a minimum as to not affect your machine, or at least removed regularly.

    What are some issues caused by scaling?

    A build-up of scale in your coffee machine can cause:

    • Leaking water when pouring
    • Excessive dripping from the spout
    • Reduced water flow and pressure
    • Complete blockage
    • Failure to heat water
    • Unusual noises

    All of these will result in a poor cup of coffee, and a machine which could eventually completely stop working.

    What else do I need?

    It would be a good idea to also invest in some decent hard water testing strips as well as a water jug which will filter your water before use.

    Also, take note of the cleaning guide for your machine. It could be worth emptying out the water after every use or running it through without any coffee inside on a weekly basis.


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