Last Updated: 16th September 2021

Nespresso Vertuo or Original?

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    When choosing a new Nespresso machine, it can be hard to decide which to choose at the best of times.

    Which colour should you pick? Which style? There is also the size, too.

    But one extra thing to think about when picking a Nespresso machine is whether to go for a Vertuo, or an Original…

    What Is Nespresso Vertuo?

    In 2017 Nespresso launched its Vertuo range of coffee machines in the UK.

    The big thing to bear in mind is that they use a different type of coffee pod to previous Nespresso machines.

    This means that you wouldn’t be able to use the ones you already have knocking around at the back of your kitchen cupboards. But for some fans of speciality roasters or bargain supermarket dupes, there is even worse news – you also wouldn’t be able to use any of the Nespresso compatible pods available at the likes of Aldi, Lidl or Black Donkey.

    But why did they release this new system? Was it to cut down on the copycats? Well, no actually. The new Vertuo pods use Barcode Technology. Your machine can read which pod you have put into the holder, so rather than your Alto being made with the same settings as your Espresso, everything is automatically adjusted.

    NESPRESSO by Krups Inissia XN100140 Coffee Machine
    Nespresso Atelier Coffee Machine by KRUPS

    A Nespresso Original vs a Vertuo

    So...Which Should I Choose?

    Don’t be put off the Nespresso Vertuo; as you will read below, the coffee it makes is even more perfect thanks to the barcode technology which can alter pressure, temperature and everything else which goes into crafting your brew.

    There are some cases where this is ideal, and others where you could probably save yourself some money by just buying an Original machine (or keeping hold of your trusted Original rather than giving in to buying something new and shiny.

    Buy A Nespresso Original If…

    Buy A Nespresso Vertuo If…

    • You are on a budget.

    Nespresso Original machines can be bought for as little as £40 if you find them on offer, whereas you’re looking at closer to £200 for the Vertuo

    • You want to buy supermarket pods

    We mean the Nespresso Compatible pods you can buy from Amazon, Lidl, Aldi and independent roasters. These won’t fit in the Vertuo, which is a shame as there are dozens of picks available

    • You like coffee choice.

    While there will likely be more released in future, at the time of writing, you’re pretty restricted when it comes to coffee variety for the Vertuo – the Original has the choice of milkier drinks, as well as blends

    • An Espresso is just fine

    The Original, like all pod machines, focuses on espresso-sized drinks which you then customise with more water or milk

    • You want a built in frother

    You can buy Original’s with a connected milk frother, but would have to use a separate one for a Vertuo

    • You are a true coffee fan.

    Pod machines can get some bad stick in terms of ‘not being proper coffee for proper coffee lovers’. But the Vertuo is able to adapt to your pod to really craft it, using centrifusion and adapting the size, temperature and strength for each pod

    • You like long coffees

    If you usually opt for an Americano or large cup of filter coffee, the Vertuo is great as they specialise in sizes from the Espresso to the Alto (414ml). The Original only gives us espresso, which will weaken if drunk longer

    • You need the latest gadgets

    First released in 2017, the Vertuo is newer. There is a good chance Nespresso will put most of their attention into making new models of this rather than the Original – which is also important if you’re bothered about style

    • You want something that will last

    Spending that bit more *could* mean it will last longer, which is great if it is going to be used daily

    Our Verdict

    Well…the truth is, there is no one winner overall.

    Which you pick will depend on what you are after from a coffee machine. On a budget, want more capsule choice and customise your drinks with frothy milks and a bit more water anyway? An Original is just fine.

    But like longer, black drinks with a splash of milk, made as though a barista would? Spend that little bit more and get yourself a Vertuo.

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