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    For some of us, ordinary coffee makers aren’t enough.

    If you have a get-up and go lifestyle, you could probably use a coffee maker that does the hard work for you. Whether it’s controlling your brew strength, setting a brew timer, or wireless control, there are coffee makers that are capable of this and much more.

    Smart coffee makers come in different forms and with varying sets of features. Like with any other product, it’s essential to research each product’s pros and cons and determine which one best fits your needs and budget.

    Some of the smart coffee makers listed below come with wireless function. These are known as wifi coffee makers, and they give you the option to work with the physical control panel or use them remotely.

    At the end of the day, smart coffee makers are about getting that happy medium between convenience and functionality. You don’t want to be overwhelmed by too many different controls. You also want to have a decent variety of choices.

    With each smart coffee maker, you can control several aspects of your brew, including the strength, temperature, and even grind size if applicable. The app, while optional, allows you to take full advantage of this from the convenience of your smartphone.

    Here are our picks for the best smart coffee makers on the market.

    Our Top Picks

    The Best Wifi Coffee Makers

    Smart Coffee Maker Buying Guide

    Remote Options

    Do you want to be able to shout “OK Google, brew my coffee” in the morning? Or “Alexa, set my brew strength to medium?”

    If the answer is yes, double-check to make sure the coffee maker is Alexa-enabled or has Wi-Fi capabilities.

    Remember that some coffee makers, like the Atomi Smart Coffee Maker, may require you to download an app to gain remote access.

    For functional purposes, any remote features are optional. You’ll still be able to work with the physical controls to at least get your pot of coffee made, like with any regular coffee maker.


    Some smart coffee makers give you the ability to set a 24-hour schedule. More advanced features may allow you to individually set different brew times for each day of the week!

    As mentioned above, you can work solely with the physical interface. But if there is a wireless app available, chances are you’re missing out on a lot of features and customisation options. Even with devices that only have the physical interface, you can only do so much with a limited set of buttons and a small screen.

    Most apps give you the ability to customise multiple aspects of your cup of coffee, from temperature to strength.

    The Smarter Coffee
    machine can even grind coffee beans so you can automatically control the grind size. If that feature is too deluxe for you and you’re getting a cheaper machine, be sure to get yourself one of our top 10 grinders.

    If you want an extensive feature set, the Melitta Smart Coffee Machine is an impressive, if pricey, beast.

    Type of Coffee

    Most of the options we discussed brew with standard paper coffee filters. By the way, you’ll want to stock up on one of the 10 best coffee filter papers when you choose your machine!

    Some, however, may work with Nespresso pods or K-cups instead. Others may have the best of both worlds.


    Like any other kitchen appliance, smart coffee makers require care to keep them in good condition. You may get an automatic clean cycle which can be controlled from a wireless app. Or you can set your coffee maker to give you a cleaning reminder.

    You also want a pot that is physically easy to clean, and dishwasher safe if applicable to your situation.


    Coffee makers come with carafes of different capacities. Chances are, a coffee maker will come in different sizes itself. Make the best use of your coffee maker’s capacity and read about how get the best coffee to water ratio.


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