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    Not many people love coasters like we do and for most coffee drinkers they are simply the liquid catchers that protect your beloved furniture from stains and mug scratches.

    But what these types of people don’t know is that the best coasters aren’t just simple blocks that come between your cup and coffee table. No… the best coasters are ones that bring the two things together, with the flourish and finesse of a stunning design, personalised message or authentic and eye-catching material.

    At their best, coasters aren’t just a piece of tableware, they’re a bonafide decoration for your furniture and provide a pleasing accent to your home’s style and colour scheme.

    So to help you find some perfect placemats which are as pretty as they are practical, we’ve perused the market to find the ultimate coasters that will make a phenomenal gift for yourself or others!

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    Choosing what coasters to plonk your mug down on might not seem like a particularly strenuous task, with most people simply looking for a nice design that matches their home.

    But if you spend too much time focusing on what looks pretty, you might lose sight of what’s practical and so here are the key features you need to be looking for in a spanking new set of coffee cup platforms!

    Features To Look Out For

    Size/ Diameter

    A cute little dinky coaster might look sweet and wholesome atop your beautiful coffee table, but if it can’t even cover half the vase of your mighty mega mugs, then what use can they actually be to you?

    The whole point of a coaster is to protect your furniture surfaces and so make sure yours have a wide diameter of at least 10 cm to prevent coffee stains and spillage!

    Non-slip backing

    While certain materials of a coaster certainly look more pretty and pleasing than others, it doesn’t really mean anything if your coaster can’t stay still and support your mug.

    Most good-quality coasters therefore feature a cork or silicone backing which provides grip and stops the coaster from slipping and sliding across your furniture.

    They can sometimes even provide anti-scratch properties, ideal for coffee cravers who like to drink on high-class glassware coffee tables.

    Absorbent Materials

    Coasters come in a whole variety of different materials, mainly because this means they can offer different styles and aesthetics for people’s homes.

    However, while a pretty cotton material might look fancy in your living room, you might want to think about how absorbent and porous a material is first before purchasing.

    For example, porous stones like ceramic and sandstone will naturally absorb more liquid runoff than other coaster materials, hence why ceramic is so popular.


    Depending on whether you’re buying for yourself or someone else, how many coasters you get in a set can often be the information that swings the deal for you.

    A single, pricier coaster is fair enough if it’s a gift for a loved one, but if it’s for your own home you really want a set of four to six to help accommodate family and friends at all times.

    Easy to Clean

    With all those coffee and tea stains at risk of running your nice coaster, you need to be able to clean them easily after a particularly messy brew.

    A material which can be wiped clean easily or is dishwasher safe is your best bet.


    Coasters can be cheap and cheerful or expensive and elegant, so it really is up to you what you want to spend.

    Incredibly premium sets of coasters can go for up to £40 from boutique sellers while it’s still perfectly achievable to buy a nice set which does the job for well under £10.

    For budget buys stay away from fancy materials and stick to reliable ones like cork and silicone – they won’t look as nice, but they’ll keep your furniture looking shiny and new for many years to come.


    Are coasters a good gift?

    Coasters might seem a bit tame in the gift-giving world, especially as there are so many plain jane designs out there.

    But coasters are a much-needed item in every home and even if you feel odd purchasing a set as a gift, the chances are that whoever you give them too will get great use out of them. Don’t be surprised if you pop round for a cuppa decades later and the very coaster you bought them is still there ready to greet your cup!

    Similar to crockery or tableware, a well-designed coaster set makes a beautiful wedding or birthday gift for someone special and it’s rare someone is ever going to be disappointed with one.

    If it’s not that kind of occasion, coasters also make great novelty gifts or token ‘I love yous’, as they’re such an easily customisable item, ensuring you can create the perfect personalised present for a person who deserves the best!

    Why do coasters stick to cups?

    This tends to happen most often with cold drinks in glasses, as condensation can develop on the outside and drip to the bottom of the glass.

    Now for the scientific bit, the water around the bottom of the glass and the coaster have enough surface tension to create a kind of seal which prevents air getting in – creating a vacuum.

    Because the air pressure around the glass is greater than the teeny tiny space between the cup and the coaster, a kind of suction is created, which is why the coaster is forced to stick to the cup.

    But how do you get it to stop? Well, it really depends on what kind of material your coaster is.

    The more porous a material is, the worse it will stick. This isn’t necessarily a problem, but if your coaster is ceramic or glass, it obviously creates a high chance of cracking or smashing when gravity prevails and sends the coaster crashing to the floor.

    Materials therefore that are less porous like cork, or more shatter-resistant like wood or plastic should make this less of an issue.


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