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    Kettles are an easy-enough purchase, and there are hundreds on the market to choose from. But if you are looking for a gooseneck kettle, you have a slightly tougher challenge on your hands.

    A gooseneck kettle is another term for a pour over kettle, designed for use with pour over drip coffee makers. They offer better reach and control than ordinary kettles due to their long curved spouts, limiting the water flow for a more balanced saturation and consistent slow extraction.

    To avoid buying one with poor control, mediocre strength and leaking water, take a glimpse at our list of the ten best pour over kettles available to buy online.

    Our Top Picks

    The Best Coffee Kettles

    Gooseneck Kettle Buying Guide

    Which forms of coffee maker can I use a pour over gooseneck kettle with?

    It isn’t just the pour over drip makers which are great for use with a gooseneck kettle. Any method which requires soaking the coffee grounds slowly is appropriate, so you may have a cafetiere, handheld or vacuum maker at home or which you take away with you.

    It would also be a great gooseneck kettle for use with making green, aromatic or fruit teas which require a lower yet precise temperature, as you can monitor this easily with a thermometer. The pour speed is also essential with these for extraction, which is great.

    Some things to look out for

    • Thermometer – Some gooseneck kettles feature a built-in thermometer which sits on the lid, so you can keep an eye on the warmth of the water and know exactly when to use it without suffering from a subpar coffee. If yours doesn’t, it could be worth getting one to check when the time comes
    • Material – Stainless steel is the most commonly used material for gooseneck kettles like this. It retains heat as well as being safe for use on a heat source, and won’t impair the taste of the water. Don’t choose one which is made from another metal or plastic
    • Price – This generally starts at around £25 and can rise to well over £100. Those at the top end are not necessarily always the best, but it could be worth opting for one in mid-range to ensure quality and value for money over time
    • Capacity – If you need around 1 or 2 cups per time, something around 500/600ml is sufficient. Anything more, and look for one 1L+. Bear in mind that the maximum capacity is often not the amount the gooseneck kettle can hold, as filling it too much would result in overflowing water so the maximum marker is often around 200ml less than advertised
    • Handle – A matter of personal preference, but opt for a gooseneck kettle which looks as though it would be comfortable and safe for you to hold, particularly if you struggle lifting weights or tilting objects

    Manual or electric?

    The former is the most traditional option when it comes to gooseneck kettles, but it does all boil down to preference.

    Manual takes a bit more effort to heat the water, and you can’t just leave it to do the job. You will have to use a thermometer to monitor the temperature, but this does all add to the full barista experience.

    Electric models are more like your traditional kettle. They heat up to a particular temperature on their own, and often have safety features such as shut-off timers and overboil protection. Some argue they just don’t give the full effect though.


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