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    We’ve all done it.

    You brew yourself a fresh, piping-hot coffee, you take a few delightful sips, you set it down to cool, and then… life gets in the way.

    The kids start fighting, the doorbell goes, you can’t get the mother-in-law off the phone – whatever the cause, it’s always bound to be a coffee-killing occurrence.

    An hour or so later you inevitably bump into your coffee mug again like an embarrassing encounter with an ex. You’d forgotten all about it and there it lays: cold, unwanted and wasted.

    While many of you will be tempted to give it a quick nuking in the microwave to get things back up to temperature, it’s known that re-heating java only serves to change the chemical makeup of your drink and ruin it’s flavour.

    What you need instead is a coffee mug warmer, a device specifically designed for keeping coffee at a constant heat, so that no flavour or warmth is ever lost from your mug.

    From technologically impressive smart mugs to standard hot coaster plates, we’ve scoured the market for the best coffee warming gadgets to help you turn your mug of average joe into a steaming hot success!

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    Types of Coffee Mug Warmer

    Thermal flask technology has been with us for some time now, but it’s hardly an appropriate vessel to serve or drink coffee out of at home with it’s chunky, on the move design.

    The following devices are far more appropriate for at home use, focusing on warming the mug itself, so that your coffee remains hot in the cup it was meant to be served in!

    Hot Plate

    If you’d never heard of a mug warmer before and had to imagine what they might be like, you’d probably come up with a hot plate design.

    Coming in the form of an electric coaster, these are usually a circular platform which can be plugged in at the wall to generate heat.

    Smart Mugs

    An innovation that is becoming increasingly popular is the smart mug/electric cup. These tend to be insulated, rechargeable mugs which generate heat themselves, meaning they don’t require a power source

    USB Warmer

    A strange and new phenomenon in the industry, USB mug warming.sees users able to connect devices to a computer, Playstation or any other device you can think of with a usb port! Again coming in a coaster like design, they’re great for laptop warriors who enjoy seeking out the newest coffee shop hotspot.

    Although this may seem like a great idea though, realistically the amount of power a USB connection can generate is very small and people who go for USB options often find that it doesn’t warm things up to the degree they would like!

    Features To Look Out For


    We’re not sure how much you remember from school, but it pays off to remember some of your junior school science lessons when choosing a mug warmer.

    That’s because warmers made out of materials like plastics are going to be less high-quality conductors of heat than stainless steel or metallic materials. They’re also going to be twice as durable!


    Depending on what you are looking for in a mug warmer, you need to keep an eye on the going rates. A top of the range smart mug can cost anywhere up to £100 and so if you simply want a standard device that keeps your coffee hot for a little longer, it’s probably not a necessary purchase. There are plenty of high quality options out there that range between £10 and £40 which will serve you just as well!


    If you spend a lot of time out on the road, a coffee mug warmer is a device that could come in real handy and so it’s never a bad idea to consider the portability features of a mug warming product.

    Cable Length

    If your warmer requires plug-in to work. How far is your desk from the nearest plug?

    Temperature Control

    Naturally one of the most important things for a coffee warmer is it’s temperature settings! You want to try and find a device which can fluctuate between very high and low heat settings quickly, as this is your best bet to ensure your device is energy efficient.

    Auto-Shut Off Features

    If you’re uncomfortable about having a heat generating device on for long periods of time, pay attention to the automatic shut off features of a device or if it has any at all! These can range from an hour’s heating time to much longer – so it really depends on just how long it takes you to get through a mug!


    How hot do I need my mug warmer to be?

    The perfect coffee drinking temperature is of course a personal preference, but most people tend to fall within a range between 50 and 60 degrees Celsius.

    You therefore want to try and find a device which can generate heat within this range, after all, you’re looking to warm up your mug not cook it!

    What size mug warmer do I need?

    Unless you’re rocking some kind of holy grail, must coffee warmers will provide more than enough room to house your mug. Warmer’s tend to provide a fairly large platform base to ensure the base of a mug is covered and if yours is too big, just move down a size!


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