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    Drinking coffee out of a cup is a mug’s game… literally.

    We all know that these days the only truly sophisticated and cafe cool way to drink java is with a latte glass, a tall and slender, low-handled design which is the epitome of gorgeous coffee glassware.

    But their beauty often comes with a price…

    With such an unusual shape and design, too often do wannabe latte lovers make a disastrous pick and end up with a glass that’s too small, uncomfy and worst of all… too hot to handle.

    So to help you find a sleek and soulful glass which is as practical as it is perfect, we’ve cast our eye over the latte glass market to find you the slice of tall, dark and handsome you deserve!

    Our Top Picks

    The Best Latte Coffee Glasses

    Latte Glass Buying Guide


    Checking the height of your latte glass is absolutely crucial before you make any purchase, as their tall and slender frame can sometimes make them incompatible with certain coffee machines.

    In general, a traditional glass tends to stand somewhere between 14 and 15 cm in height and so if your coffee machine’s spout rests anywhere below that, you may have trouble squeezing it into place!

    Borosilicate Material

    Borosilicate glass is a type of material that is made utilising the chemical components of silica and boron trioxide. This makes it the most heat-resistant form of glass available, making for easier handling and longer lasting coffees.

    Double-Walled Thermal Insulation

    Much like double-glazed windows, double-walled glasses provide two layers of glass in their structure, with your liquid sitting inside an inner layer for a great illusory aesthetic. However, not only does it look pretty, it also greatly improves the mug’s insulation and is thicker and sturdier in shape so can present cracking and shattering more easily.

    Microwave & Dishwasher Safe

    We live in the 21st century and so being able to warm up a cold coffee or quickly wash your dirty mugs is a must for any caffeine addict with an ever increasing pile of washing up.

    Beware, not every glass can do both, with many only offering one feature or the other.
    In our opinion, dishwasher compatibility is the most important, as it’s a feature you’ll likely take advantage of more than the microwave.


    Glass is not known for being able to survive rough-handling and so if you are looking for a long,lasting latte glass it needs to promise thick, sturdy material. Of course, no type of glass is a miracle worker, but it helps to know if your item is scratch-resistant and has some weight behind it.


    So commonly overlooked when buying mugs and cups, being able to properly hold your glass is absolutely everything. If a classic low handled latte glass is going to cause you issues when picking it up – don’t buy one!


    The prices in glassware tend to vary quite wildly and you need to consider why some items might be more expensive than others. Pay too little and you’re likely to end up with a poor quality glass product.

    Set Size

    Consider how many coffee drinkers you have in your house and how often you entertain large groups of coffee drinking guests. We tend to think 4 is the best amount in a set, providing for two people under one roof and an additional two guests.

    Alternatively, you also have to think if there’s any point in ever buying just one single latte glass, even if you live alone. Because, after all, you never know when a coffee-drinking guest might need serving!


    Traditional latte glasses are slender and tall, which is not always the easiest to handle if you’re not used to them. If it doesn’t look like your style, don’t be afraid to try another less classic latte glass shape.

    Just be sure to always check the capacity, as they may be too small for a proper latte portion!


    How much should I pay for latte glasses?

    In general, you shouldn’t really be paying more than £20 for a set of 2 latte glasses, and if you are, it should be from a reputable, high quality brand your trust and know can provide you with absolute quality.

    This is because sets of 4 – 6 durable, good standard latte glasses can be as cheap as £14 these days and so on average, you only want to pay £4 – £5 per glass.

    Will a latte glass fit my coffee machine?

    Unfortunately, most coffee machines don’t provide much information on what size cups and glasses are compatible with their machines, as they just assume they’ve left ample room for most mugs and little espresso cups to fit.

    This means you’re going to have to do a bit of measurement on your machine to determine whether a latte glass is going to be a good fit.

    Measure the space between the cup stand/ drip tray and the head, bearing in mind most latte glasses are 14 – 15 cm in height. Ideally then, you want your coffee machine to provide around 16 – 20 cm in height in order for the standard to be able to fit.


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