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    We’ve all at one time or another oohed and aahed at the lovely little lotus or tulip the baristas sculpt atop your coffee, and for many home brewers the idea of conjuring up their own latte art is a distant pipe dream.

    But with some high quality latte art pens stashed away in your kitchen draw, sketching up aesthetically astonishing cups of joe can become second nature and even if you’re not the most artistic, a humble, heart adorned coffee can always put a smile on a loved one’s face.

    From art-making kits to standalone, top of the range tools, these are our top picks for the best latte art pens, whether you’re a beginner or a qualified barista!

    Our Top Picks

    The Best Latte Art Pen

    Latte Art Kit Buying Guide


    Like with any quality piece of cutlery or tool, you want your latte art pen to be durable and last you a long time. Therefore the natural choice is to go with a stainless steel option which means your pen will be wear-resistant and rust-free.

    Ease of Clean

    Nobody likes doing the washing up, especially when it comes to a mountainous pile of cutlery, hence why dishwashers now reign supreme in the majority of households.

    However, not every pen is classed as dishwasher safe, so if this is an issue for you, try and find one which is compatible with your machine to avoid them getting lost in a pile in your sink!

    Size & Weight

    Although usually not an issue, it can be an idea to check the dimensions and weight of a pen if you’re worried about it possibly being too heavy or too large for you to be able to control. After all, you will be using it as a sculpting tool, so you want it to feel light in the hand and easy to manoeuvre.


    Obviously when you’re holding your pen, you want it to feel comfortable so you can retain a relaxed grip, which is why details about a product’s handle are always important.

    Silicone grips provide the softest and firmest handles and will offer much more support than a standard non-slip pattern that’s been etched into the middle sections of the needle.

    Tool Heads

    The standard latte pen will usually feature a thin, needle point for manipulating and stretching your milk foam, with a spatula/spoon head on the other side for smoothing out and fine tuning your creations.

    However, more tool heads mean more creativity, and so finding a set or different tools which allow for different effects is a must for any latte artists who is looking to take their work up a level.


    How do I use a latte art pen?

    In truth, a lot of latte art designs can be achieved without a pen, and simply require well frothed milk and a steady hand.

    However, pens come in handy if you aren’t the most gifted of pourers and want to smarten up your efforts, or if you’re quite the dab hand and want to spruce it up further.

    How you are meant to use the pen is commonly called ‘etching’. After pouring in milk to form a visible froth atop the coffee, you can begin lightly scraping the milk into shapes and patterns.

    Admittedly it’s unlikely you’ll be able to work it out on your own, as creating pictures often requires clever manipulation and working with what you have as opposed to being able to just draw whatever you want.

    What are some easy latte art examples?

    The most easy thing to do is just create swirls and made up patterns onto your drink, keeping them as basic as possible to avoid them looking chaotic and keeping them looking pretty.

    However we realise some of you will want to create some more recognisable shapes, so here are some easy options:

    • Hearts – Simply etch a straight line from top to bottom through a white spherical blob of milk. This will push down the circle at the top to create the two curves and create a sharp point at the bottom as you exit the circle.
    • Four Leaf Clover – Using a white spherical blob of milk, etch two lines at the bottom to create a ‘stalk’, then etch three more indents at the left, right and top of the circle to create four leaves.
    • Butterfly – using the same technique as the clover, now imagine the ‘stalk’ is the head of the butterfly. Stretch out the ‘leaves’ by etching them away towards the edge of the cup, making them look more like wings.


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