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    Instant hot water taps are a bit of a kitchen revelation. Forget waiting for kettles to boil or refilling your boiling water dispenser – instant hot water taps give you immediate perfect-temperature water for when that coffee or tea drink craving hits.

    The taps we have listed below are all perfect for making hot drinks. This is because they don’t actually reach boiling point, have the option to finely tune the temperature output or the ability to quickly switch to cold water to bring it down a degree or two.

    Despite what you may assume, the ideal temperature for brewing coffee and tea is just under boiling point, so some other boiling water taps will be too extreme for hot drinks.

    We have selected some of the best instant hot water taps available to buy online to make your brewtime seamless.

    Our Top Picks

    The Best Instant Hot Water Kitchen Taps

    Instant Hot Water Tap Buying Guide

    The best hot water temperature for coffee

    As mentioned in the introduction, 100°C is actually too hot for most coffees and teas. It results in burnt grounds or leaves, resulting in a slightly bitter taste.

    The ideal temperature for brewing coffee is between 91°C (195 F) and 96°C (205 F). The closer to the top level the better, and anything below 91°C will not extract the flavours efficiently.

    Some of the taps above are boiling taps, so won’t go much below 100°C and are therefore not the absolute best for hot drink production, but they are better for anyone who also needs boiling water for other household tasks. Adding a dash of cold water to the cup before adding the coffee is a good way of getting around this.

    Reasons to buy an instant hot water tap

    • Quick – They really are instant, which saves time waiting for water to heat otherwise
    • Energy Efficient – They’re thought to be cheaper to run than boiling a kettle. There is also no wasted water, as you just use what you need – no boiling excess water and pouring it away unused
    • Multiple Uses – We love them for making hot drinks (obviously), but they can also be good when cleaning, making pasta, boiling vegetables, filling hot water bottles or sterilising
    • More Space – There is no need for a kettle taking up space

    Types of instant boiling water tap

    • Single Function – These only produce hot water, so sit alongside your mains tap
    • 3-in-1 – Usually provide you with ordinary hot and cold mains water as well as the boiling water
    • 4-in-1 – As the 3-in-1, but also providing filtered cold water which is great for dilute drinks

    Things to bear in mind

    • Tank Size – This is how much hot water the tank can hold at any one time. If you have a large family of hot drink lovers or always have a lot of washing up to do, look for one which is on the larger side, around 3 or 4 litres
    • Dimensions – The size of the tank is probably the most important factor here. You want to ensure it will fit under your sink in the cupboard. Also look at the size of the tap though, so it isn’t too imposing or small, as well as the size of the neck
    • Water Reheat Time – Most tanks will take around 10-15 minutes to properly refill and get the water back up to temperature, but it could be worth bearing in mind if it will be in demand or you’re in a commercial environment
    • Safety Features – Most boiling water taps will have a two-step method to access the hot water but think about how secure you want it to be. If there are children around, you may want top security. If not and you’re confident there is little chance of accidents, you may want something easier
    • Tap Shape and Style – Not only do you need to bear in mind the dimensions of the tap, but also how it will look and the materials/finish used
    • Filters – If your tap is a 4-in-1 with filtered drinking water, check the cost of the filter and availability to ensure it won’t cost too much to run in the long-term
    • Fitting Cost – Most will require professional fitting as there is also electricity involved. Factor in this cost if you have set a budget


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