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    Decaf coffee is becoming increasingly popular. It is thought that its popularity has soared amongst the Millenial generation, as the caffeinated version is doing too good a job at keeping people awake.

    Researchers at Kantar Worldpanel found that sales of instant decaf were up 20% in 2019 compared with two years previously. A lot of people now care about the taste of their coffee over the wakening effect, and in response, decaffeinated coffee is no longer the disgusting brown cup of off-water it once was.

    There are therefore dozens to choose from, and the decision can be tricky, so we have picked out some of our favourites below. Whether you’re looking for that traditional coffee flavour or something specialist, we have something for everyone below.

    Our Top Picks

    The Best Decaffeinated Coffee

    Decaf Coffee Buying Guide


    This is how the coffee comes and arrives on your doorstep.

    It was once only common to see decaf coffee come as instant, which already naturally contains less caffeine. But now, with its popularity, specialty coffee makers have decaf available in whole bean and ground varieties.

    Think about what you’d need with your coffee machine or method, and which is easiest for you as well. Instant is really simple to make anywhere for instance, but you don’t get that traditional coffee preparation.


    If you use instant coffee, the most likely flavour will be the traditional coffee taste (although this won’t be as strong as when using caffeinated coffee).

    But if you want hints of speciality coffee, with flavours such as chocolate and fruit, you will be best opting for whole beans or ground coffee. This is because the method of decaffeinating the beans can still keep the flavour there, but making instant coffee often loses the natural flavour of the beans unless it is artificially re-added.

    Benefits Of Decaf

    It is worth bearing in mind that decaf coffee still contains small doses of caffeine – removing it all would mean no flavour is left behind. But less caffeine has been shown to also curb the issues which often come with drinking caffeine, such as heart palpitations, acid reflux and stomach issues.


    How much caffeine is in decaf coffee?

    This can depend on a lot of different factors, from the size of the drink to the method used to remove the caffeine.

    Check out our guide on caffeine in coffee for how you can work out how much caffeine you will be having.

    And if you’re concerned about its impacts on your health, you can learn more about how long caffeine stays in our systems.

    How is caffeine removed from coffee beans?

    There are various methods, but a lot of high-end coffee companies will use a water method to ensure the taste remains but caffeine is removed. We have written a guide on how this can be done.

    How do I make decaf coffee?

    Just the same as ordinary coffee! Whether it be instant, whole beans in a bean to cup machine or ground coffee in a french press, there are no other steps or things to consider.

    Is decaffeinated coffee acidic?

    Caffeine can cause your stomach to produce more coffee, so cutting down on this is already a big step towards cutting down on acid.

    Decaf is considered safe for those who wish to be on the GERD diet, as it’s less likely to cause issues in your stomach. Just watch out for flavours such as fruits, however. We would still recommend keeping your intake low, too.


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    Our Philosophy is simple: “Love Coffee at Home.”

    We want everyone to be able to enjoy really tasty coffee in the comfort of their own home. It’s easy, and shouldn’t be exclusive to a coffee shop.

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