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    It is no secret that the big downside of the rise of the coffee pod machine has been the rise in coffee capsule waste in our landfill sites.

    Over 350million pods are used every year in the UK alone, and the market is set to grow by $8.08 million during 2020-2024, according to a report by Research and Markets.

    They are often plastic or aluminium, struggle to be recycled because of the coffee waste still in them and therefore take years (around 200-500 to be precise) to break down. So, the introduction of compostable eco-friendly coffee pods is very welcomed.

    Below are the best picks for compostable coffee pods, which don’t require any extra fuss.

    Our Top Picks

    The Best Eco-Friendly Compostable Coffee Pods

    Compostable Coffee Pod Buying Guide

    Machine Type

    Unfortunately, which pods you buy depends on the machine you have at home. A Nespresso-compatible pod is unlikely to fit a Doce Gusto machine.

    So, check before you buy. The most popular option is Nespresso compatible pods because they’re a bit more ‘blank’ and simple in design, and said design isn’t trademarked. But there will still be options out there is you have another brand of coffee pod machine.


    How many coffees do you have per day? How many times is this from a pod machine?

    You can buy compostable coffee pods in packs of between 10 and 100 in most cases. Opt for the lower end if you are just trying them out, or only occasionally opt for pod coffee, but the larger packs will last longer (although the speciality brands do seem to only make small packs for the most part).


    How do I dispose of compostable coffee pods?

    In the majority of cases, simply just add to your everyday food waste. They will break down in a few months, by themselves, as part of industrial composting.

    In some cases, you can add to your own food waste or compost bin. Follow instructions on your packet, and ensure you adjust the makeup of the bin in response.

    Are there any other sustainable coffee pods?

    As well as compostable pods, you can also buy aluminium coffee pods. This is not quite as good for the planet as something which breaks down in a few months, but they are easier to recycle than plastic.

    They will need emptying before you dispose of them, but you can also buy reusable ones. For those really concerned about sustainability, however, compostable ones are the way forward.


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