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    Cold brew coffee is currently one of the biggest trends in the industry. It uses cooler water temperatures and longer steeping times to create a coffee which is a lot smoother, less acidic and the perfect liqueur to use in pretty much any coffee-based drink.

    PS – You will also need a cold brew coffee maker

    This flexibility means real coffee lovers have seen its popularity soar, but it is a great way for anybody who doesn’t usually like coffee to become introduced to the beverage. It can be warmed into a hot coffee or kept cooler to use as an iced coffee-style drink.

    But as you will read below, it works best with particular beans, so we have rounded up the best coffee to use in order to achieve your perfect cold brew.

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    The Best Cold Brew Coffees

    Cold Brew Coffee Buying Guide

    Making Cold Brew Coffee

    Cold brew coffee requires coarse grounds, so any beans above will need to be ground before using in a cold brew coffee maker.

    You should look for grounds which have been ground to remain quite coarse, which is best when used in a filter jug method of brewing as there will be a fuller flavour, and no grounds seeping through the filter.

    Also, look for a light to medium roast, which will mean more flavour in the end result.

    What To Buy

    As you will have read above, you can either buy cold brew which is ready made, or beans/grounds to make it yourself.

    The former is great if you don’t want to ‘faff’ – it is ready to drink, and perfectly brewed and flavoured to use as a base or drink straight away. The latter is the best way to have full control over the end result, as you will be able to adjust the amount of water used, and the steeping time/strength.

    Making the cold brew yourself is also best if you want to have a constant supply and want to reduce the amount of packaging you use. It is easy to pick up a bag of suitable beans from a local shop (although you will find the best options from speciality shops online), and the maker is reusable.


    It is also cheaper to buy a maker and the separate beans/grounds in the long run.

    If you buy cold brew ready-made, you’re also paying for the process.


    What is cold brew?

    It is a method of extracting coffee from grounds which uses colder water and longer brewing times compared to traditional methods.

    We have compiled a blog on the exact origins, use and method of using cold brew, as well as how it differs from iced coffee.

    What do I need to make cold brew coffee?

    A dedicated cold brew maker is ideal, as it will allow you to steep the coffee in the water safely for the time using a proper filter to keep the grounds separate.

    What are the benefits of cold brew coffee?

    It tastes less acidic and sharp, so it is good for anyone who does not like the bitter or strong aftertaste of a normal coffee. This makes it great for drinking black, but it works well if you like a creamier brew as well.

    It’s a popular drink for those who have acid reflux, or who need the caffeine boost without the strong coffee taste.


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