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    Whether you’re looking to give your coffee area a little pizazz or you just want even more coffee themed pieces adorning your kitchen walls, there’s nothing quite as quirky or eye-catching as a great coffee wall sign.

    Coffee prints and canvases have long been the foundations of interior decor in people’s homes, but wall signs are becoming an increasingly loved form of home expression and they’re a fantastic way to reflect your style and personality in a slightly more unconventional way.

    However, with such a vast array of designs and styles available, choosing the perfect placard can sometimes be a struggle and so we’ve delved into the wonderful world of coffee signs ourselves to help you spot a sign destined to be the piece de resistance of your room!

    From humorous coffee quotes to finessed and flourished laser-cut calligraphy, here are our favourite pieces to help bring your blank canvas of a wall to life!

    Our Top Picks

    The Best Coffee-Themed Wall Signs

    Wall Sign Buying Guide

    Types of Wall Sign


    The standard wall sign is exactly that, a sign which can be hung up on your wall and is usually a rectangular piece featuring a choice quote or graphic. These are usually made out of tin or wood and are designed to be an equivalent to wall art.


    The popularity of stencilled quotes on the walls of your home is becoming an increasingly sought after piece of interior design and so there are now many wall signs which provide a raised, 3-D version of the same effect. As opposed to a standard rectangular sign, these are laser-cut text or handwriting pieces, usually featuring a choice quote about the world’s favourite drink!


    As you’d expect, most wall signs are designed to be hung up like a framed picture or painting in your home. However, some signs look better as a kind of small decoration which leans against the wall on kitchen countertops or coffee tables.

    Features To Consider


    Choosing the material of your sign is often a balancing act, as you have to weigh up whether appearance or durability is more important to you. However, that being said, most wall signs are made from either wood or metal, which are both fairly durable materials. While metal signs are more likely to survive damage or wear and tear, wooden ones naturally have a more homely aesthetic. You will also see forms of plastic signs too, although these naturally look the cheapest despite boasting similar durable qualities.


    Although most wall signs don’t extend much beyond £20, the occasional piece can stretch up to £50. If you’re paying over £20 for any kind of wall sign, you need to ensure that this is for good reason and that it’s material, design, manufacturing process and overall appearance warrant such a price.

    Hanging Mechanisms

    Remember, this art isn’t going to levitate itself onto the wall by magic and so you’re going to need to fix it in place once you’ve purchased it. Plenty of signs come with included hooks and attachments designed to make this an easy, ready-to-go experience, but if this isn’t the case, it’s off to the local DIY store for some of your own!


    Obviously, the most important thing to consider when looking for a great wall sign is what size it is. You need to think about where it’s going to go on your wall and how much space it’s going to take up as there’s nothing worse than realising you don’t have enough room after you’ve already bought it! Make sure to measure your walls and to take note of how much space you’ve got to play with and then pay close attention to the dimensions of a piece before you buy it.


    Even if you don’t have the greatest taste in the world or are buying the sign as a gift, you should probably still try and ensure the colour scheme of the piece matches or goes with the home decor of the room it’s going to be placed in!. Coffee wall signs can vary wildly in colour and if you’re really not sure what works, our advice would be to always opt for something with neutral colours that is not too garish or attention seeking in shade!


    Plenty of wall signs offer the chance to customise a piece to make it more personal to you. This often makes them often more suitable as gifts or just helps to add a more homely feel to your kitchen/ coffee areas


    How much should I be paying for a coffee wall sign?

    As this is purely a decorative purchase, wall signs can often end up being quite pricey, especially for those that require expert craftsmanship and personalisation.

    In general though, it is still very possible to acquire yourself a well-made and good quality sign for a price between £15 and £20.

    We wouldn’t advise paying more than £30 for a piece unless it was of a really superior quality and that the material, design, manufacturing process and overall appearance warranted such a price.

    What is the best material for a wall sign?

    Although metal is the most durable material, we believe wooden signs to be the best in terms of appearance, as they have a less harsh look which will be more appealing in your home.

    Wooden signs are also best for offering different types of textures and styles as they can differ drastically in look depending on the type of wood they use. For example, a repurposed piece of old wood can give a vintage feel, whereas a high-quality birch and oak will often give you something more akin to fine furniture.


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