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    Coffee pods aren’t exactly pretty when stored in their original packaging, nor is it practical.

    From capsules tumbling out of the kitchen cupboards when you go to get a tin of beans out, to the box falling apart once it starts to get empty, you’ve probably started wishing there was another solution.

    Don’t even get us started on not realising there is only one pod left until you go to make the morning brews.

    A coffee pod capsule holder will solve all of these issues, from easy access and good style to keeping a stock check.

    The one you purchase will depend on the type of pod you use for your machine – each brand has capsules which are a different shape and size. You will also have to choose where you want the holder to be placed.

    These are our picks of the best coffee pod holders and stands at the moment, to help make that decision a bit easier and allow you to pick the more trustworthy products.

    Our Top Picks

    The Best Coffee Pod Capsule Holders

    Coffee Pod Stand Buying Guide


    You can buy pod holders or storage in various designs.

    Ordinary stands are tall and slim, perfect for taking up less space on your kitchen counter. They are vertical and the pod removed from the bottom, so those above drop down for easier access.

    Drawers can sit under your pod machine, or possibly another appliance such as a microwave if large and strong enough. The idea is that they take up little space, sitting under the machine which would be there anyway.

    Wall-mounted pod holders are great for taking up no bench space at all (although it will need wall space!) They are often more expensive, but can usually also hold cups and other bits and bobs.

    Number Of Pods

    How many pods do you have at a time?

    The stands often hold anywhere between ~20 and 50 pods at any one time, but if you buy more in bulk you may need to store excess elsewhere.

    Also look at the designs if you like to hold different flavours. Some have sections which will allow for easier access.


    This can very from under £10 to almost £50.

    Those which hold more will often be a bit pricier, as will drawers opposed to baskets.


    Do I need to buy a specific one for my pods?

    If you have a Nespresso, Tassimo or Dolce Gusto, you will need to buy a stand or holder which accommodates not only the brand of pod, but your specific type of pod too.

    This will be very important as the shape and size of the pods varies widely. If you want something which can hold various varieties, a basket will be your best bet.


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