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    If you love drinking coffee, then a good old coffee mug is a must.

    They are larger than espresso cups, for a more homely serving of the brew. They can not only hold just the right amount of coffee you need to wake you up, but can also look decorative and match other accents in your home.

    A mug should hold around 350ml of liquid, and be a bit less formal than tea and coffee cups, making them the perfect everyday go-to.

    For this reason, it is a big decision to make. You want to ensure you buy something which is reliable, so check out or reviews of the best coffee mugs below…

    Our Top Picks

    The Best Coffee Mugs

    Coffee Mug Buying Guide



    The vast majority of coffee mugs are ceramics, meaning they are constructed from clay and heated in a kiln-fire for added durability.

    Although a lot of mugs will have their material merely described as ceramic, higher quality items tend to boast a more detailed description of the material, as different clays and kiln-methods can create pottery that vastly differs in its properties, colour and strength.

    Here are some of the many you may see when browsing, and how they differ from one another.

    Earthenware Created at low temperatures, Earthenware creates a strong and practical ceramic, perfect for everyday use. Its cream colour and low firing temperatures allow for more heavily designed pieces.
    Stoneware One of the strongest ceramics, it’s very popular due to its wear and tear resistant durability. Can also withstand intense heat making it oven and microwave proof.
    Porcelain Slightly more delicate than other ceramics but still displaying good strength and durability. It is often white or translucent in colour.
    Fine china Unlike bone china, fine china uses a synthetic bone ash to make it a more affordable option whilst still boasting strength and delicacy.
    Bone china Made from 40% bone ash, bone china is thin yet durable material which is both microwave and dishwasher safe. It’s often more expensive than other ceramics and is traditionally seen as a formal tableware material.


    Stainless Steel

    Stainless steel is a popular option for mugs that are designed to retain high levels of heat. Although not the nicest in appearance, they’re certainly the best value for money, as they are much more durable than ceramics and are also usually more portable.


    Often used as a malleable, foldable travel mug material, silicone is microwave safe and a great leak-proof container.

    Best Coffee Mugs – Features To Look Out For


    Especially if ceramic, try and find out what specific type of material a mug is, as some will be better than others for your specific needs.

    Stoneware is the most durable material, but the most clunky in appearance, whereas bone china is the most delicate but a lot more appealing in appearance.

    Dishwasher, Oven & Microwave Safe

    We are people of the 21st century and so having a mug that you can quickly zap with a few microwaves or chuck in your dishwasher without a thought are huge bonuses!

    Otherwise, you’re coffee can never be rescued if cold and your mug is going to be tougher to clean!


    Think about things like weight, ergonomic handles and shape when looking at a mug as the act of drinking coffee should never be an actual struggle!


    Remember these mugs are going to be seen around your home and perhaps even displayed, so make sure to pick one that goes with the colours of your home or existing china and tableware sets to avoid creating eyesores and colour clashes!


    What size mug do I need?

    In general, we would recommend 300 – 400 ml as the standard mug size which should cover the preferences of most coffee drinkers.

    Below 300 ml is probably only suitable for espresso servings and larger than 400ml is going to be a seriously large brew, with anything over 500ml approaching a pints worth!

    What is the best coffee mug material?

    We believe the best material to be stoneware if used at home, as the ceramic quality is easily the strongest and can withstand dishwashers, ovens and microwaves as well as prevent chips and scratches that other materials often suffer.

    If purchasing a travel mug, we suggest stainless steel options which will retain heat better.


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    Our Philosophy is simple: “Love Coffee at Home.”

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