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    You would imagine that choosing a coffee filter paper would be an easy job, but it is only once you go to buy one that you realise there is a whole world of complications out there.

    From bleached to unbleached, size differences and the shape of your equipment basket, once you have narrowed down what you need, there is the choice of dozens of brands on the market.

    We have picked out the best, for whichever machine you need, and your particular preferences. Here is our guide to the best coffee filter papers on the market.

    Our Top Picks

    The Best Paper Coffee Filters

    Coffee Filter Paper Buying Guide


    Your particular maker will need a particular sized filter paper, to ensure it comfortably fits and no coffee can escape around the edges or underneath.

    We have a guide on how to choose the best filter for your coffee maker, as well as information about the size you will need. For most cone papers, a general rule is:

    • #1: 1 cup makers
    • #2: 2-6 cup electric coffee makers/1-2 cup non-electric
    • #4: 8-10 cup non-electric/8-12 cup electric
    • #6: Anything 10+ cup non-electric (such as pour-over)

    Basket papers will come in sizes 8-12, and makers which need a flat disc filter (such as the Aeropress or French Press) will need a paper specific to that brand and model.

    If in doubt, ask your manufacturer. Also bear in mind that most manufacturers will sell a range of filter papers for their own products.

    Bleached or Non-Bleached?

    There is no difference to the end result, so it isn’t a big issue. There are also no health issues despite sounding quite ominous.

    With bleached, there is an extra step in the production process which involves either oxygen or chlorine so they aren’t as good for the environment as non-bleached.

    But non-bleached do need to be soaked and prepared before using, to get rid of the ‘untreated’ paper flavour before you make coffee.

    You may have a preference based on whether you are concerned about the planet, but in the end, they should all break down and biodegrade as they are made from paper.

    Again, read our guide linked above for all you need to know about filters.


    This is how many are in the box. Think about how many cups of coffee you make per day, and also bear in mind that it will be cheaper to buy a smaller packet.

    However, larger bulk packets may be more expensive to buy as a one-time, but often work out as better value in the long run. You will just have to ensure that if you buy a pack of 1,000, they will definitely fit your machine – a wasted packet is no good for anyone.


    Where can I buy coffee filter papers?

    All of the big supermarkets will likely keep some in stock, so Lidl, Aldi, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Tesco are all great bets if you’re looking for something quick.

    But of course, we always suggest buying online from the likes of Amazon. This will give you more choice and precision, as well as lower prices and the option of bulk buying. Most big

    companies sell online, with genuine products.

    Why should I choose filter papers over metal?

    When conducting your research, you may also have seen that metal filters are available. So why should you opt for paper?

    First of all, the tightly woven absorbent paper coffee filters capture oil components which are not effectively captured when using a metal or nylon mesh filters. These can alter the end taste of your coffee, meaning it tastes bitter.

    Paper is also better at capturing micro-grounds which can slip through the mesh on a metal filter and cause the coffee to go a bit gritty.


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