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You love coffee. That is why you have ended up here, probably. But sometimes, despite your passion, you are a little overwhelmed by just how complicated it can get.

You make a cup of coffee when you need a boost, or when you want a warm drink. You enjoy the taste, but some of the things written on the bag about taste notes and origins and how it ended up in the bag seem a little unnecessary.

We Are Here Coffee is a company founded with you in mind. Their coffee is made to suit how you make it, without giving you a huge overpowering amount of information.

We Are Here

To quote the brand themselves: “WE LOVE COFFEE…but we’re bored with all the doo-dars and chit-chat that comes with it.” And we bet that some of you reading this will be nodding in agreement.

The three coffees which they offer are made to taste perfect depending on the method you will use. Beans are picked and roasted to suit, and you can then grind them to perfection so you’re ready to use them straight away.

We Are Here Coffee

They’re simply named This One (espresso machine, stovetop, Aeropress and with or without milk), That One (filter/drip, V60/Kalita/Chemex, cafetiere and with or without milk) or The Other One (filter/drip, V60/Kalita/Chemex, cold brew and without milk).

Click on each product, and there is a bit more information there which tells you how they came to their decision and why they are good for those machines. For example, This One is strong, confident and classic whereas The Other One is light and juicy, so you can still double-check it will be right for you.

Feeling selfless and therefore need your coffee to do a bit more for the world than just making you feel reasonably awake? 10p of every bag is donated to charity, too.

Subscription Boxes

You have a lot of flexibility here. Choose which of their three coffees you want to receive (there is a Decaf option in there too just in case), and the duration.

There is the option of Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly or Bi-Monthly, and you get 1x 250g bag if whole beans which makes roughly 12 cups, so you can base your frequency of deliveries based on how much you drink.

Every bag is £8.50 no matter how often it is delivered, and UK postage starts at £3.50, and they can even ship internationally for a flat rate of £10 regardless of the weight (believe us – those customs charges are worth it). They will also post to workplaces if you want to encourage the boss to provide something other than a £1 jar of instant.

And, there is the option of a gift subscription, too. You also get some snazzy bright stickers as a bonus.

We Are Here Coffee Review

Deliveries can be paused or skipped as well, so if you’re off on your jollies, your flatmate wants to share or you’ve simply have had quite enough coffee for one week thank you, just sign in to your account and make the alterations.

If you are buying as a gift, just tick ‘this is a gift’ at the checkout and you can then set a start delivery date and then choose how many bags will be delivered. You can even include a soppy, emotional, heartfelt message (or a very blunt simple one, but they will probably prefer the first option).

And as we mentioned above, 10p from every bag goes to charity. The money from the standard bags goes to Missing People, but you also have the option to buy a ‘The Queer One’ subscription and switch your donation to Gendered Intelligence instead.

You still get to pick which coffee you receive, and it is available year-round forever, not just for Pride Month. There are no hidden boxes to tick to donate, and it doesn’t charge you extra.

What We Tried

Here at Daily Espresso, we sampled all three coffees We Are Here offers (which is also something you can do with their All Of Them box).

We Are Here Coffee Subscription

It is an ideal box for anyone having trouble deciding or anybody who makes coffee in several ways. Every method is covered, as is every tastebud, and you will get 36 cups of coffee out of the selection.

Our favourite was That One, which we used in a cafetiere and sits in the middle of the strength scale and is perfect for a leisurely cup. The hints of nut and chocolate were perfect, with an aftertaste of fruit (we got a mix of peaches and plums).

But This One gave us just the kick we needed in the mornings from the espresso machine, and we prepared The Other One as a cold brew and it went down a treat on the days where a coffee kick was needed, but in the form of something fruitier and less heavy.

If you have a standout favourite after trying the selection, it is then easy to pick that one and take out a subscription thereon in.

We Are Here Coffee This One Review

…But I Want To Know More!

Where does the coffee come from? Who actually grew it? How many metres above sea level (m.a.s.l.) was it grown at?

Keeping things simple is a nice change, but the team also understands that a big part of Third Wave coffee is people wanting to know more about their coffee, including the origin and the people behind the beans.

Thankfully, WAH doesn’t keep it completely under wraps – if you can’t handle the mystery, all of their Coffee Info can be found on the site for those who want it. It is single-origin, specialty grade and sourced from independent farms and information is given about how the cherries were dried, the variety of bean and the hints of flavour you should pick up.

Other Features

We Are Here also do a Referral Scheme, so when you place an order, you will be given a referral code. 

Share this with your fellow coffee-loving friends and family members, and if they buy something, you will both receive £5 credit. There is no limit to this, so you can even dish it out to everybody in the office or casually leave a note by the kettle to draw people into the proper coffee world and away from the instant while getting a nice bonus too.

If you are a *complete* newbie to the coffee world and don’t even know how to use that cafetiere your brother bought you in a mild last-minute panic for your birthday, they have some handy brewing guides which keep things simple.

There is also some merchandise in their store, as well as a range of equipment such as grinders which they recommend. They’re big advocates of grinding as you go, which is why they don’t sell pre-ground.

So…Why Choose We Are Here Coffee?

  • No faff or fuss or complicated info
  • Really flexible delivery frequencies
  • Great for manual coffee makers
  • Ability to alter your subscription as and when you need to
  • They help out charity (without you lifting a finger)
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We want everyone to be able to enjoy really tasty coffee in the comfort of their own home. It’s easy, and shouldn’t be exclusive to a coffee shop.

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