Reusable Cup Discounts: Where To Get 50% Off Coffee

We’re already halfway through August and Britain has now truly been gripped by a scoff and save fever.

Thanks to the government Eat Out To Help Out Scheme, there have been numerous tasty deals for the public to take advantage of and the nation’s cafes and restaurants have never been so full!

But did you know there’s now a secret way to make even more savings at certain coffee shops this month?

If you’ve been mainly using your EOTHO privileges to snag some super cheap coffee from Costa and Starbucks, get prepared to clear out your penny jar as we’ve found a way to stretch that discount even further!

Taking Advantage Of Reusable Cup Discounts

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, many on-the-go coffee slurpers were able to make savings by taking advantage of the reusable coffee cup schemes being run by various chains.

The idea behind these discount schemes was to encourage consumers to ditch the environmentally harmful paper cups dished out every day for their own mugs.

which coffee shops have a reusable cup discount

In essence, it helped customers save money, who in turn helped save the planet.

However, most chains had to put a temporary pause on reusable cups due to fears of sanitation and uncleanliness during COVID-19, meaning even after lockdown measures have been lifted, people have been unable to use their own mugs, and unable to have at those sweet savings!

Thankfully though, the tide is beginning to turn and reusable cups are now back on the menu at many different coffee hotspots.

Although most joints are keeping quiet about it, if you fancy scoring some quality coffee for as cheap as 19p – it’s high time you started carrying around your own cup!

Which Coffee Shops Have A Reusable Cup Discount?

While most popular coffee chains run a reusable cup initiative, not all of them have rushed to lift their temporary ban as coronavirus continues to lurk in various areas of the country.

Luckily for all you coin counters though, most of your favourites are probably back in business.

Here’s where to go to spend next to nothing on your cup of joe!


SAVE up to 25% off filtered coffee

Way back in March, Starbucks was one of the very first coffee chains to brand reusable cups a huge hygiene no-no and so announced they’d be placing them under a temporary ban.

But as of last week, Starbucks obsessives can now once again wield their own wares thanks to an all-new coffee serving procedure designed to eliminate touching and contact!

20p off starbucks coffee

To transport your own mug efficiently to a barista, Starbucks now offers a ceramic mug holder service which means baristas and customers can pass a cup backwards and forwards without ever handling the same contact points.

Although this is great news, the most exciting aspect is, of course, the return of reusable cup savings.

Customers who bring in their own mugs will now save 25p on filtered coffee purchases and when combined with EOTO savings Monday to Wednesday – you could see a £1 filter coffee drop to 38p.

Costa Coffee

SAVE up to 25% off filtered coffee

Costa hasn’t pulled any punches this month when it comes to offering big savings and they were actually the first coffee shop to reintroduce the scheme all the way back in early June.

25p off costa coffee

Like Starbucks, they knock off an eye-popping 25p when you bring your own mug and when you combine that with EOTHO and VAT savings being passed on this month – there are serious savings to be made!

From Monday to Wednesday for the rest of the month, you can get a £1 small filter coffee for 32p and a £2.70 flat white for just £1.06.


SAVE up to 20% off hot drinks

In a sad state of affairs for pasty lovers everywhere, beloved bakery chain Greggs is one of the few outlets to not be taking part in Eat Out To Help Out, probably because very few of its stores offer inside seating!

However, in a slightly unusual fashion, Greggs is one of the few places offering a reusable coffee cup discount… despite the fact they are still banning the practice.

20p off greggs coffee

This means if you go into Greggs, ask for a coffee and show them your own mug, they won’t take it for safety and sanitation reasons.

But seeing as you’ve gone to the effort of bringing along your own cup – they’re promising to give you the discount anyway!

Greggs knock a lovely 20p off hot drinks for those who wield their own goblet, which means you can get a tea for just 80p.

Best of all, Greggs is passing on VAT savings this month to customers which means their coffees can end up being nearly 50p cheaper!

For example, a £1.50 regular white coffee is just £1.11 with your own cup!

And For Those Who Like To Push Their Luck… Pret A Manger

SAVE over 50% on filtered coffee

Before you go storming into Pret and demanding a large latte for mere tuppence, we should warn you that Pret has not officially given its reusable cup scheme the comeback treatment.

However, much like with Greggs, some java lovers have reported being able to secure themselves a nice little discount after showing their own cup at the till.

50p off pret a manger coffee

Pret baristas will definitely refuse to take them, but if they’re feeling generous, they might well knock off some more pennies for you.

It’s definitely worth pushing your luck in Pret too, as their reusable cup discount is an astonishing 50p.

When you combine this with EOTHO and VAT savings, Pret is far and away the cheapest coffee hotspot with 99p filter coffee priced at 19p and a £2.40 regular latte going for a meagre 80p!

So what are you all waiting for? Grab yourself a spare cup and start making some savings!

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