Macmillan Coffee Morning Ideas for 2020

Every year, Macmillan Cancer Support hosts the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, a fundraising event which raises millions of pounds.

Since it began in 1990, it has raised over £200 million for those living with cancer – but the idea is that you can have fun while raising the money, too!

There are hundreds of events up and down the country, from private coffee and cake get-togethers to public cake sales, and this year it will be taking place on the 25th September 2020.

Things this year may be a bit different, however. With the possibility of large gatherings, work-based events and school bake sales all being on hold, your regular plans may have to change for the time being.

So what can you do instead? Here are some ideas on how to still raise money for this incredibly important charity in 2020, while still enjoying coffee and a cake!

Luckily, Macmillan is encouraging this too, and you are still able to sign up through their website.

Macmillan Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning Ideas

Take to Video Calling

Using a platform such as Zoom to still have everyone together, even if it just isn’t in person, may be the best option for this year – but you can still complete different tasks or events below.

You can make separate coffees, all bake your favourite things or grab a packet of Digestives and have a good catchup, and then donate directly to Macmillan through the dedicated fundraising page.

Go to the Park

You may not be able to meet in gardens or conservatories this year, but meeting outdoors in a neutral place is still possible for most.

Take a picnic blanket and stick to staying in that area to maintain social distancing. Everybody can bake (or buy) a treat, and share them out on the day. Take a Thermos of coffee and some plates, and you have yourself a picnic with a purpose.

Gardens are also a possible destination but do bear in mind the distancing rules may not make it suitable.

Cake Swap

On the day before the big fundraiser, how about all baking a cake and then delivering a slice or square to every participant? Think Great British Bake Off, but using video calling for the big event.

One or two people could pick them all up, organise everything back at home and then make some doorstep deliveries. You can rate the bakes, pick your favourite and enjoy a whole variety of delicious treats – play nice, though!

Or, ramp up the pressure and actually *do* the Bake Off while on a video call. You all have to make one thing, and see how it goes…

Bake Sale on Your Street

If there are kids who want to get involved with the baking, or you have neighbours who also can’t get out, how about setting up a stall in your front garden?

Advertise the event with word of mouth, and then everybody can donate their spare change and have a bit of a social get-together at the same time. You could even deliver some to anybody who can’t get out, and if you have a quiet street, how about encouraging everyone to bring a chair out and have a bit of a distant street party?

Just ensure everybody brings their own utensils or plates and cups, and no money changes hands – have a jar to hand and leave it in there for a little while before handling.

Macmillan Bake Sale

Make a Quiz

The winner could donate £1. Second place £2, and so on. The more participants, the more money is raised. Or, donate £1 for every wrong answer (and make it tricky).

You could set a theme for the quiz, too.

Set A Challenge

Whether it is decorating cupcakes, the Coffee Art challenge or guessing how many coffee beans are in a jar, there are plenty of things you can do at home or somewhere such as an office if you are back at work.

Set a participant fee as a donation, then you can give out some IOU’s as prizes (such as a free drink at the Christmas party, or free meal when you have your reunion).

It can even be something which isn’t too exertive if you are on a video call, such as a donation every time somebody has a technology faux-pas or says a certain word, all wear fancy dress, or the first person to find a product which fits a theme doesn’t have to give money. Something beginning with a letter, something a certain colour, the answer to a riddle etc…

Run, Walk or Cycle

Getting together, even if just over a video call, can be tricky at the moment. So, you can set challenges which can be done separately too, such as walking a certain distance.

Either organise a universal one which everybody takes part in, or encourage everyone to set their own. You can set up a JustGiving page, or everybody could pay a participant fee.

Social Distancing Guidance

Remember that whatever you do above, if you are meeting up in person, there are still guidelines you have to follow.

With things changing regularly, different rules around the UK and local lockdowns coming into play, it is vital you check what you can and can’t do just before the big event

At the time of writing, gatherings of more than six people are not allowed, and you must stay at least 1 metre apart. It is recommended that you wear face coverings in public places, and avoid passing over change where possible. Somebody may want to accept the donations as money transfers to their account, and then make a one-off donation to Macmillan.

If you do go to a park or somebody’s garden, ensure good sanitisation is maintained. Check that everybody has hand sanitiser with them, and remember that public toilets may not be in operation, and you shouldn’t be going into people’s homes to use toilets either. Everybody may also want to bring their own plates, utensils and cups.

macmillan coffee morning ideas

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