B&M, Lidl & Aldi: Cheap International Coffee Day Gifts

While it might be just another Thursday for all the tame tea drinkers out there, the 1st of October is officially International Coffee Day, meaning all we cultured coffee drinkers have reason to celebrate!

Yes, that’s right, it’s our favourite bean’s birthday blowout and while it’s certainly not Christmas, there’s nothing wrong with applying a bit of treat yo’ self mentality to what as far as we’re concerned is an international holiday!

Whether you’re after some early Xmas shopping or just want a cheap treat to celebrate this most glorious of days, we’ve picked out some of our fave low-cost coffee products to pick up from UK supermarkets and discount stores this week:

B&M – F.R.I.E.N.D.S Central Perk Coffee Machine & Capsules


B&M friends coffee machine
Image: B&M

We’ve all had that conversation about which Friends character we think we might be.

And while we all might claim to be an army of Rachel and Chandler’s, there’s a lot more Ross, Phoebe, Monica and Joey’s out there than we’d care to admit.

But us? We’ve always been more of a Gunther.

So when we heard B&M is now selling a Friends-Themed Coffee Machine & Capsule set…

Well… could we BE anymore excited? (Okay we lied, we do think we’re Chandler) 

B&M coffee maker central perk
Image: Caffeluxe

Available to purchase in-store at B&M (£49), or online from the manufacturer’s site (£75 with capsules and mugs), this machine is ideal for obsessives of television’s most celebrated sextet.

Supporting both Nespresso and Dolce Gusto pods, it’s a state of the art high-pressure pump model, with a handy size that doesn’t reign supreme over your entire kitchen bench. There’s also programmable features and interchangeable Nespresso and Dolce Gusto fittings, meaning you can always cater to a variety of barista-style coffees.

But best of all, it serves up java in a super fast 25 seconds and is lovingly adorned with Central Perk decal. If you buy online, you’ll also receive 4 white mugs to whip up macchiatos for your mates, a variety bundle of Friends-themed Dolce Gusto pods and a Friends-themed Drip Tray.

friends dolce gusto pods
Image: Caffeluxe

The Friends-themed Dolce Gusto pods are also available to buy separately in Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Cafe au Lait and Caramel Latte flavours, ensuring those of you who already have a perfectly capable coffee machine can still re-create those Central Perk vibes at home!

It’s the quintessential way to show off your love for Joey and a nice cup of joe.

Aldi – Coffee To Go Machine


aldi coffee maker
Image: Aldi

Aldi is one of the optimum places to go for a sumptuous supermarket deal and so we’ve got fantastic news for all you caffeine addicts on a budget.

Announced last week, Aldi will release their very own Ambiano Coffee-to-Go machine on October 4th, allowing java junkies everywhere to snag a top of the range brew maker for the lowly price of just £16.99!

Available in steel or rose gold colours, it filters coffee into a travel cup so you’re always ready for that long commute to work, while it’s auto shut-off feature gives you one less thing to remember before you shoot off out the door!

A 24-hour programmable timer also makes planning your early mornings a doddle and a one-touch operation ensures even your nan can work this little beauty.

Offering plenty of versatility, the clever coffee maker is compatible with both ground coffee and soft coffee pods, meaning you can always mix things up day to day and it’s simple but the stunning design makes it a hit with even the most outlandish kitchen decor!

Oh, and did we mention it’s only £16.99?! Yes, I think we did.

Already sold out online, you’ll have to pop in store from October 4th to bag yourself one of these crafty coffee kits!

In celebration of International Coffee Day, Aldi has also released some interesting coffee recipes for you to try at home, with our favourite being this unusual coffee rub recipe for steak!

Lidl – Beanie Flavoured Instant Coffees


flavoured coffees cheap
Image: Lidl

Now we’re in October and approaching the Halloween season, we are thoroughly in the thrusts of Autumn which means sweet, indulgent coffee flavours are now mandatory until Christmas comes around and we can switch to non-stop mulled wine and Bailey’s.

For those of you with a sweet tooth, there’s nothing like celebrating International Coffee Day than bagging yourself a new selection of coffee and these uber-cheap instant treats from Lidl are the makings of a super fun tasting session.

While you might be tempted to go and splurge a fortune at Starbucks on their iconic Pumpkin Spice Latte, this instant selection from Beanie’s provides plenty of autumnal flavours that won’t break the bank!

With Pumpkin Spice, Cinder Toffee and Turkish Delight flavours, these jars of java cost a mere £1.99 per 50g when bought at Lidl!

In total, that works out at about 8p per serving, over £3 cheaper than nipping down to Starbucks for a PSL!

For all you calorie counters, it’s also a much healthier option as their sugar-free recipe offers a phenomenal low-calorie treat!

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