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How to Make a Mocha – 3 Best Ways (Original Recipe)

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    With its perfect combination of sweet and sharp, it’s no wonder the mocha is one of the UK’s favourite drinks. And while it may be a staple on coffee shop menus everywhere, you can perfect this delicious drink yourself. It’s a perfect cappuccino alternative with its famous nutty, chocolaty taste.

    We’ll show you how to make a mocha you can enjoy whenever you want in the comfort of your own home.

    Note: A mocha is different from a Moka coffee.


    In Short

    • A mocha is made by combining coffee with hot chocolate.
    • It is possible to achieve it with instant coffee, but for taste and texture we recommend using ground coffee.

    Are you looking for ways to make this delicious drink perfect for the summer? Follow our guide on how to make a refreshing iced mocha!


    The Basics of Brewing Your Mocha

    Use freshly roasted coffee rather than a bag that’s been open for more than ten days. Using good quality chocolate is essential. But using fresh coffee is even more so!

    This next step is not as essential, but we recommend using a thermometer to monitor the milk since it has a small window within which to get the taste just right. Go past 65°C (149° F), and the milk will taste a little burnt and sour.

    Tip – Heat the milk first! When an espresso shot has been left to sit for a while, it can turn sour. You want the shot to mix with the milk straight away, so make sure your milk is ready before the shot has finished brewing.


    How to Make a Mocha Using an Espresso Machine

    Making your mocha latte using an espresso machine gives you a better chance of getting the rich, fresh flavour that you’re used to receiving in a coffee shop.

    How to make a mocha using an espresso machine


    • 250 ml milk (full fat is best for frothing) or a non-dairy alternative
    • 1-2 tsp of high-quality drinking chocolate powder (depending on how strong you want the chocolate to be
    • 18 g ground espresso, or one espresso pod


    • Large cup, 300-350 ml capacity
    • Espresso machine
    • Thermometer (recommended, but not essential)
    • Wide bottom jug

    Step 1: Pour the chocolate powder into your cup.

    Step 2: Add the coffee to your portafilter basket and tap it to create a level surface or insert the pod into the designated place.

    Step 3: Place your cup under the spout and press the button to allow your coffee shot to pour into your cup. Once the espresso shot has finished pouring, mix it in with the chocolate powder to create a smooth texture.

    Step 4: Transfer the milk into your jug and place it under the steam wand. The wand should be just below the surface of the milk and close to the side of the jug in order to create a vortex.

    Turn the steamer off once the temperature is within the 55–65°C (139°–149°F) zone or when the sides of the jug are uncomfortable to touch.

    Tip – Tap the jug on a hard surface and swirl it around gently to get rid of air bubbles within the milk; you should end up with a silky, thick consistency.

    Step 5: Slowly pour the milk into the cup, holding the jug higher to begin with, and then bringing it closer as you reach the top of the cup. If you’re feeling creative and want to create a simple tulip-shaped latte art, try shaking the jug gently while you pour the froth before pulling the jug upwards at the end.


    How to Make a Mocha Using the Homemade Method

    Don’t have an espresso machine? No worries, we’ve got some tips and tricks on how you can make a truly homemade instant mocha.

    Freeze Dried Instant Coffee in a coffee cup on top of coffee beans


    • Milk (full fat is best for frothing) or a non-dairy alternative
    • Cocoa powder and a teaspoon of sugar for drinking chocolate powder
    • Instant coffee
    • Chocolate drops (not essential but better for rich taste)


    • Large cup
    • Microwave or pan
    • Stirrer

    Step 1: To make your hot chocolate mix, stir the sugar, cocoa powder, chocolate drops (if you have some on hand), and the milk together in a microwavable cup. Place in the microwave for 30 seconds to one minute. If you’re using a pan on the stove, continue until you have a smooth syrup-like texture.

    Step 2: Next, add the desired amount of instant coffee, and then stir together.

    Step 3: Place the cup back in the microwave for another 60 seconds. If it is still not warm enough, warm it once more while checking at 15 second intervals to ensure it doesn’t burn.

    If you are heating it in a pan, continue to stir it until it’s steaming but not bubbling and until the coffee granules have melted.

    Step 4: Pour your mocha into a fresh cup and top it off with whipped cream and cocoa powder if you choose.


    How to Make a Mocha Using the Mason Jar Method

    The mason jar method is ideal for creating novelty mochas that are so pretty you might be tempted to show them off on social media.

    Mocha in an open mason jar against a white background


    • Half a jug of milk (full fat is best for frothing) or a non-dairy alternative
    • Chocolate powder or cocoa powder
    • Coffee – instant or espresso shot


    • Mason Jar
    • Microwave
    • Stirrer

    Step 1: Fill your mason jar about half-full with milk.

    Step 2: Add the coffee granules if it’s instant or espresso coffee shot followed by the hot chocolate powder.

    Step 3: Screw the lid onto the mason jar, ensuring that it is sealed shut. Shake it vigorously until the milk is frothy.

    Step 4: Take the metal lid off the mason jar and place the jar into the microwave for one minute.

    Give it a good stir, and if it’s steaming, the drink is finished. Otherwise, place it back in the microwave 15 seconds at a time, continually checking and stirring as you go.

    Step 5: Add whipped cream and cocoa powder as you like, and you’re all done! Be sure to get a picture and show off your super pretty mason jar mocha!


    And now that you know how to make the perfect mocha, who needs a coffee shop?

    If you use a machine and you don’t want to waste that precious ground coffee, put it to good use with our list of ideas for leftover coffee grounds—you’ll be amazed at the number of things that coffee provides a solution for!

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