Flavour Of The Month: Farrers Coffee

If you could settle down with the best ever cup of coffee and be anywhere in the UK, where would you pick?

The Lake District would be our go-to, with rolling hills and picturesque scenery. And as for the coffee, you wouldn’t go wrong with a blend from one of the oldest coffee roasters in the UK with two centuries of experience.

Combine these two together, and you get Farrers, a craft artisan coffee roastery based in Kendal, who have been doing what they do best since 1819.

Farrers Coffee

John Farrer & Co (Kendal) Ltd started supplying tea and coffee on Stricklandgate in Kendal, where everything was blended on-site in their shop. 

Many of their recipes still date back to those days – “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” springs to mind – and the secret recipes have been passed down through the generations.

Farrers Coffee Blend Review

They are still at 13 Stricklandgate, where you can find the Farrer’s Tea & Coffee House, and because they are situated in the heart of the Lake District, they get visitors from right around the world.

“But I don’t live anywhere near Kendal!” you say. Fear not, because all of their coffees (and teas) are available to now buy online, and they also have a top-notch subscription service. They have moved to a purpose-built roastery on the outskirts of town to keep up with demand.

Subscription Boxes

Here at Daily, we love a good subscription box. Any coffee lover should love a subscription box (coffee delivered to your door every month is wonderful).

And Farrers is one of the best we’ve seen in terms of the range of products, and choice of grind. Opt for wholebean, Nespresso-compatible pods or grounds (in which there are sizes for cafetieres, drip/V60, espresso, filter or stovetop).

You can then choose from their Signature, Fairtrade or Decaf blends, or even opt for the Roasters Delight which the head roaster will specially select on your behalf.

Within these categories are particular coffees, with information on their strength level, taste notes, and roast profile. All of the bags are 250g, but you can order up to 4. You can also choose whether to receive the deliveries every 7, 14, 21 or 28 days.

You’re not locked into a subscription either, with the option to flex, pause or cancel the deliveries. You can also choose to receive a different coffee from your usual if you fancy a change one month; Farrers believe you should be in full control of everything.

What We Tried

Farrers were kind enough to send us two bags of their single-origin coffees – the No1 Blend and 1819 Blend.

Farrers Coffee Review

The No1 blend is their original, and a bestseller. It was inspired by the natural breathtaking beauty of the Lakes, being low strength and with hints of milk chocolate and Brazil nut, as well as citrus top notes. Perfect for those afternoon pick-me-ups when you need something effective yet mellow and relaxing. It is roasted medium, so still gives that overall kick.

The 1819 blend is a limited edition pick, to celebrate 200 years of Farrers. It is a commemorative blend of 5 various coffees from sought after regions around the world, all worked together to make a brilliant brew. They were roasted by hand in their natural green form, which allowed Farrers to really make the most of every blend and ensure they all work together.

It is with this coffee that you can tell Farrers know what they are doing when it comes to achieving high-quality coffee from bean to cup at every stage and HRH The Countess of Wessex even had the honour of firing up the initial first roast at the Roastery in Kendal. You can’t get better than a Royal seal of approval, after all.

The light roast is gentle, so all of the different profiles shine through which is quite a sensation for the tastebuds. With the inclusion of sweet and fruity blends as well as rich cocoa, clove and nutmeg, it still manages to be wonderfully balanced.

What Else Is On Offer?

As roasters, it comes as no surprise that Farrers also have their coffee to buy separately. Perfect if you buy the subscription and there is a particular standout, or if you know what you love and want to cut corners and get straight to it.

Farrers Tea & Coffee Subscription

While coffee is obviously their standout in our opinion, they do also sell tea, with classic blends such as Earl Grey and English Breakfast on the menu.

The coffee is available to buy in wholebean, grounds or pods, and they also have some hand-picked equipment on offer.

Why Should I Pick Farrers?

  • They have been roasting since 1819 and are more popular than ever
  • Really clear subscription service which puts you in charge
  • Great choice of coffees
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