Flavour of the Month: Easy Jose Review (an Unbiased Overview)

In recent years, there has been a rise of speciality coffee roasters being transparent about where their coffee is coming from.

And one speciality brand leading the way is Easy Jose Coffee.

They work with and support the same communities every year so they can create strong bonds and relationships with their members.

So it is to our team’s delight that we present our unbiased Easy Jose review!

About Easy Jose Coffee

Good coffee is Easy Jose Coffee’s first and foremost aim.

easy jose review; macro shot of upright coffee bean in coffee grounds

Their goal is to source high-quality goods, which give satisfaction to their customers. And they aim to do so in a traceable, transparent and ethical manner.

Their company is committed to working with the same communities and supporting them.

Easy Jose Coffee believes in honest and fair sourcing, and that terms such as ‘Direct Trade’ and ‘Specialty Coffee’ need to be present beyond being marketing ploys.

So they actually display their results on their official website for customers to check out. This is how you can tell their company is effectively supporting meaningful projects.

Easy Jose Coffee & the Mayni Community

Easy Jose Coffee is dedicated to supporting remote Indigenous communities worldwide and helping them grow speciality coffee alongside the forests they live in.

For example, the Mayni community live in the foothills of the Amazon rainforest, within the Peruvian cloud forests.

portrait shot of a member of the Mayni community
Image credit: Easy Jose Coffee (via their blog)

They grow coffee without the destructive slash-and-burn techniques commonly associated with traditional coffee farms. Opting instead for more sustainable, environmentally-friendly processes.

Protecting the natural local ecosystem is important to the community as they work with—not against—the natural environment.

And Easy Jose supports them by providing resources and coffee-growing expertise.

All of the coffee grown by the Mayni is handpicked to minimise any permanent damage to the forests.

And working with Easy Jose to sell this coffee generates income for the community without destroying their ancestral land. This successfully preserves it for future generations.

Easy Jose’s Coffee Subscription

Even Easy Jose’s monthly coffee subscription supports the fight against deforestation.

Starting at £18, you can get 2 coffee bags delivered every month. And you can choose between their 250 g and 500 g options depending on your needs.

open subscription box of Easy Jose coffee

You can also gift a loved one a coffee subscription for a fixed number of months. Whether it’s for 3, 6, 9, or 12 months, the recipient will certainly appreciate the delicious, eco-friendly gift!

The coffee is sourced from the Mayni community and freshly roasted before being shipped out. And all of the packaging is completely biodegradable and plastic-free.

The result is a flavour-rich cup of coffee you can readily enjoy guilt-free!

Our Easy Jose Review: What We Tried

We were kindly sent some of Easy Jose Coffee’s Mayni blend whole beans, which were perfect for our office bean-to-cup coffee machine.

This option works for anyone who prefers to grind their coffee at home for maximum freshness.

closeup shot of Easy Jose coffee packets and cards

But Easy Jose also sells their coffee pre-grounded for your convenience. They have even conveniently labelled the grind sizes depending on the brewing method they’re compatible with:

  • Espresso Machine
  • Moka Pot
  • Aeropress
  • V60
  • Cafetiere

After one or two taste tests—and then a few more—our team could agree on one thing: we loved it!

A pleasant nutty essence follows shortly after the notes of chocolate have danced along your tongue. This is typical of Peruvian coffee, which is famed for its smoothness.

We also noticed a slightly acidic, tangy citrus flavour brought about by the orange included in the coffee blend.

This was perhaps our favourite aspect since it balances the coffee’s overall taste.

Hats off to Easy Jose for selecting and blending the perfect combination of flavours.

What Else Is Available?

Easy Jose Coffee also sell brewing equipment and accessories from established brands like Aeropress, Chemex and Hario.

So if you’re just starting out on your coffee journey or looking to experiment with other brewing methods, Easy Jose’s got you covered!

man in cafe holding an Aeropress

So…Why Easy Jose Coffee?

  • You’ll be directly supporting indigenous communities
  • You’ll be supporting and encouraging ethical coffee growing, harvesting, and preparation practices
  • Your coffee will arrive in completely biodegradable, eco-friendly packaging
  • You’ll receive delicious, high-quality coffee that’s compatible with any brewing method you want to use

So what are you waiting for? Join Easy Jose in helping the environment today!

For other delicious coffee options, check out our curated collection of the best coffee beans available on the market right now.

Alternatively, if Easy Jose’s example has inspired you, you can also learn 7 ways to make your coffee more eco-friendly.

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