Costa Releases Coca Cola Flavoured Coffee

We have previously brought you some of the oddest concoctions made by coffee lovers, from the biggest coffee trends of 2020 to the unusual ways it is made around the world.

Some of them were a big No from us. There were a few that we could see ourselves trying, although we doubt they would replace our usual orders of good old Flat Whites and Lattes.

Well, mixing your coffee with an egg or adding some butter to it may actually seem appealing when you hear about Costa Coffee’s new flavour…Coca Cola.

No, this isn’t a very late April Fools. 

Truly taking caffeinated carbon drinks to a new level, it is part of the coffee giant’s new range in China, which they announced in a LinkedIn post.

So, if you’re one of the (very few, we would imagine) people thinking that you have GOT to try it, you will, unfortunately, have to wait a little while before you can make it over there.

Costa Coffee Releases A New Coca Cola Flavour

It is part of the chain’s refreshing Summer range, released in May 2020, and comes in Coca Cola flavoured Latte or Cappuccino variations. From July, there will also be a Cold Brew option.

When they release a new drink, people usually flock to try it, but this one has left a lot of people conflicted…

One person commented: “Sounds interesting. Two of my favourite drinks blended together”, whereas somebody ever so slightly less keen said: “How disgusting is that! Coca-Cola is disgusting enough without making it ruin good coffee”.

But many were intrigued. Somebody said: “Not sure about this one Costa! Match made in heaven or a step too far?” but still admits they would love to try it, and dozens of others asked when it was going to be available in the UK.

We would imagine that it doesn’t actually make the coffee fizzy, so it is not all bad we guess. A spokesperson told Tyla:

“The familiar crisp taste of the classic Coca-Cola complements the smooth mellow coffee flavours found in our Cold Brew coffee. When served over ice, this is a truly refreshing summer drink.”

We know that Coca Cola comes in many different flavours, such as Cherry and Mango, so we guess this will just be a blend which suits any coffee and Cola fans out there – coffee, with a hint of cola.

The Coca Cola Company actually owns Costa Coffee, so while the merging of the drinks can’t be described as too much of a surprise, it is still a step too far for some. And it certainly won’t be good for anyone who can’t deal with caffeine.

There is no word on it coming to the UK yet despite there being some interest, so if you’d like to try it at home, you’re going to have to do some DIY mixing. Try adding some Coca Cola to your coffee, bit by bit, until you find that right balance.

We would recommend waiting and leaving it up to the professional baristas, though…

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