20 Unique Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Choosing and styling a coffee table can induce interior anxiety in even the most experienced design whizz, as it is so often the glamorous centre-piece of your living room.

With a seemingly endless catalogue of aesthetic looks to be inspired by, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and be scared off trying anything at all, let alone something truly unique.

But you needn’t be so apprehensive!

A coffee table is your chance to show off your creativity and personal style, and any decor you do use can be chopped and changed at a moment’s notice, keeping things fresh and on-trend.

From unusual table designs to delightful ornament options, we’ve picked out some of the easiest ways to grab any guests attention and help you fall back in love with your living room!

Glass Tables

Maximalist overload is a worry for everyone designing their home’s interior, and so a glass-top coffee table is a fantastic way of providing visual balance. A slender, see-through design allows you to pile a table high with decorations without overpowering your living room.

glass top coffee table

Enigmatic Items

What is that? For the braver among you, a truly unusual decor piece adds mystery and intrigue to your tabletop, meaning every eye will be drawn to the focal point of your room, whether they like it or not!

mysterious coffee table sculpture

Light Up Your Life

Candles don’t have to be a coffee table’s sole light source and a beautiful arrangement of lamps and lights can help give your front room that special glow in the evenings.

best coffee table lamp

Elevate With Added Height

Decor can be used to draw the eye to other parts of the room, especially when adding height. Tall decorative features often help bring attention to wall paintings or decorative shelves. Because every area of your living space should get equal admiration!

tall coffee table ornaments

The Rustic Look

When rocking a farmhouse aesthetic in your home, it’s only natural to pick a classic, rustic table to help house your leatherbound books.

rustic decor for living room

Pick an Eye-Catching Design

Choosing a truly unique four-legged friend ensures decorating your tabletop becomes an optional requirement. Because anything you add to it’s already eye-popping design is just a little cherry on top!

weird coffee table

Multiple Tables

Spread your love for the coffee table by literally filling a room with them! This way you can mix up all your favourite furniture designs and tabletop styles to create a winning combination.

multiple coffee table decor

Ottoman Trays

For fancy ottoman furniture, you can increase the exotic feel by adding stylish trays on top, allowing for the addition of candles and drinks. But most importantly, it also gives that luxurious surface some much-needed protection!

tray tops for ottoman coffee table

Flower Up To Power Up

Glass coffee tables especially can benefit from a floral glow up, and it’s the easiest way to add instant style and freshness to your home.

flower decor of coffee table

Colour Scheme

Following a monochromatic colour scheme or adhering to a room’s individual palette can help keep your home on brand and avoid any stomach-churning clashes.

monochromatic colour scheme coffee table

Be A Bookworm

Sometimes the best way to decorate your furniture is to cover it with intelligent sounding books you’ve never read. But of course, your guests won’t know that…

best coffee table books

Sentimental Decor

Coffee tables should be conversation starters, and so adding family items to your decorations will get guests talking and add a personal touch to your decor that still brings out the best in your interior.

personal decor for coffee table

Go Retro

If you’re nostalgic for the days of old, don’t be afraid to turn your living space into a shrine to the past with a funky retro look.

retro style coffee table


Repurpose Old Materials

Repurposing old materials and furniture into a coffee table adds character and history to your home.

repurposed old material

Legless Design

Encouraging guests to snuggle up in a circle on the floor, legless tables can give your home a more communal, comforting feel.

legless coffee table

Tray Tops

Organising your tabletop becomes a doddle when using tray tops, allowing you to section off your ornaments, books and other decorations into aesthetically pleasing segments.

tray tops for coffee table

Showing Off Those Legs

Legs can leave a lasting impression when you pick the right furniture, meaning what’s on the tabletop doesn’t always have to be the star!

golden legged coffee table

Multi-tier Tables

If you’re struggling to fit every little part of you onto one small surface, you might want to consider using a multi-tiered table.

coffee table with multi-tiers


Layering objects or smaller tables around and beneath your coffee table, creates the illusion of multiple tiers, adding dimension to your living space as well as a visually exciting focal point.

layered coffee table

Don’t Use A Table!

Yes, you heard us correctly. Because if you’re after a truly unconventional coffee table, you might not want to use one at all! Anything providing height and a sturdy base can become a quirky focal point for your room, from a vintage storage trunk to a garden stool!

trunk set coffee table
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