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The Complete Coffee Grind Size Guide

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    A coffee machine is arguably only as good as the coffee you use and how well the beans are ground. So if you have bought the latest model, but aren’t getting professional coffee shop results, it is probably a more simple fix than you think.

    Over/Under Extraction

    But why does a French press use a different grind size to a Turkish coffee maker? Well, every method uses a slightly different technique, from extraction to brewing times.

    You can tell how well it is extracted by the taste. Too little and you’ve under-extracted it, too much and you’ve over-extracted it. If there is not enough flavour, they are probably too coarse for your method, and if they are too fine, the taste will be rather overpowering, bitter and unpleasant.

    How Do I Know If My Coffee Is Poorly Extracted?

    The taste is the big key. But, you may also have to adjust other factors.

    A sour flavour means under-extraction, so you will have to increase brew time, decrease the temperature or grind your beans finer.

    If bitter, decrease brew time, use hotter water and use a coarser grind. If using a machine, the temperature and time are usually sorted automatically so it will likely be the grind, but manual methods could be one or a combination of all three, which is why it is vital to try and master the method.

    Types Of Grinder

    Blade or burr grinder? If your grinding is done using a dedicated grinder, then which you pick could be vital.

    Generally, the best is a burr. This gives you the best consistency, each grind being regular and uniform. When extracting, if they are all the same size, each grind will get equal attention.

    Blade grinders need to spin very quickly, which also causes heat and friction and heats your beans before they’re used, causing a bitter taste before they have even been used. Compare this with burr grinders, which ‘crush’ beans at a low speed.

    If you do have a blade grinder already, or would rather buy one of these as they are usually cheaper and easier to clean, there are tricks you can use to get the most out of it.

    Grind Size Vs. Brewing Method

    Cold Brew/Cowboy Coffee

    • Extra coarse – Similar to the size of a peppercorn

    French Press/Percolator

    • Coarse – Similar to the size of Sea Salt

    Chemex/Drip Coffee

    • Medium-Coarse – Should look like coarse clumped sand

    Pour Over/Siphon/Aeropress

    • Medium – Looks similar to regular sand

    Espresso/Moka Pot

    • Fine – The most common grind, which is usually the size of purchasable pre-ground coffee. A little finer than regular table salt

    Turkish Coffee

    • Extra Fine – Similar to flour or powder in texture. This will rarely be used unless you use an Ibrik or Cezve

    Using Your Grinder

    All grinders will have different settings and grind levels. Before you buy, ensure it will grind at the level you need. For example, few may work as little as needed for a coarse grind, and some may not work as much as needed for an extra-fine blend.

    Then, each grinder may work in a different way with their settings and timings. Some practice could be needed, and sampling the end taste and result.

    Our Philosophy is simple: “Love Coffee at Home.”

    We want everyone to be able to enjoy really tasty coffee in the comfort of their own home. It’s easy, and shouldn’t be exclusive to a coffee shop.

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