Father’s Day Gifts For Coffee Lovers

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate the father figure in your life, and this year it falls on the 21st of June 2020 so if you don’t know what to get yet, you will need to act fast.

Whether it is a dad, step-dad, grandad, father-in-law or your partner/expectant dad, there is a wealth of gift ideas out there which will put a smile on their face. But if they love coffee, there is only one route which you can safely go down.

They may love a strong, well-crafted brew. Or, they could use having a coffee as an excuse to also have a biscuit. Maybe they have their own stash of speciality coffee and need to ensure nobody gets their hands on it.

Whatever your plans behind their present, we have picked out a host of ideas to make that decision a little easier. It is fast approaching, so make sure you buy from our list to ensure it arrives on time…

Stand-Out – Rave Coffee Subscription

Are they a bit of an ‘educational journey’ coffee consumer? They need to pick out their coffee based on flavours and origin, and even have a fancy brewing kit to make it every morning?

Or, do you really wish they would put down the instant coffee and try something with a bit more magnificence?

Rave Coffee Subscription Fathers Day Coffee Gift

If you want to get them something which will last month after month as opposed to being consumed within minutes of receipt, and which gives something not available on the High Street, this coffee subscription box is ideal.

Every month, they will not only receive their bags of coffee but everything they need to go on a real learning journey, too. A little booklet is included with barista tuition and brewing tips, so it is great for someone who declares themself an almost-expert as well as anyone who needs to get a bit more inventive with their caffeine consumption.

There are also notes on the growing and roasting journey which their coffee has been on so far, and a bit of background knowledge on how it gets from cherry to bean, which will boost their knowledge of how it all reaches their cup.

It will all come through their door in a letterbox-friendly package, which means you don’t have to actually let them know something is going to arrive – perfect for the surprise element.

All you need to do is fill in some details, then select the grind type depending on which kind of coffee machine they have (Whole Bean or Ground), so it arrives ready to try straight away. You can also choose between Traditional or Discovery coffee:

  • Traditional – For if they prefer medium/dark roast, original flavours and a splash of milk
  • Discovery – Something a bit more distinctive in flavour. Clean and balanced, and lightly roasted to preserve this. 

They will get a new variety every month to try, selected by Rave’s head roaster and exclusively available to subscribers. This way, they can learn about the flavours and origins they like the most.

You can also choose to send them between 1 and 4 bags, so there is something for the mellow coffee consumers as well as anybody who can’t get enough.

The beans are hand-roasted, ethically sourced and a fair price has been paid for them, which is great if your dad loves to think about these kinds of things before they purchase anything. You also know that your gift is making a difference to the growers and farms, as well as your next of kin.

You can choose between a 3, 6, or 12-month prepaid plan. You can also choose the date which it is delivered on, so it can be there ready for the big day. It is one of the best coffee subscriptions in the UK, and because it is educational, will be sure to stay with the recipient long after the last beans have been used.

Give Them Variety – Stables Coffee Coffee Lover’s Variety Gift Box

This is a great little coffee variety pack from a small startup which we love.

Stables Coffee Starter Pack

Choose from grounds or wholebean, and the customer service is second to none if you’re worried about it getting to your dad on time. It’s a UK-based shop too, so you’re supporting a small business.

From The Family – Personalised Father’s Mug

Their nondescript mug is based on their favourite TV show or was just something cheap from the supermarket. It doesn’t remind them of their family every time they take a sip.

Personalised Father's Day Coffee Mug Custom Mug For Dad Father's Day Gift

It is time to change that.

No matter your age or your family setup, there is room for your little drawing on there. You can pick from a range of names to call them, such as Papa or Pop, and with the maximum of five printed images, you may even be able to fit the cat on there.

Choose from 26 images based on who is going on the mug, and their age. They are all printed in great quality and are nice and bold, to be shown off at every opportunity.

Splash Out – Wilfa Classic+ Coffee Maker

This is one for those dads who are thoroughly spoilt, or if several of you are chipping in for a bigger gift.


The three-piece Wilfa Classic+ Coffee Maker set includes the Wilfa coffee maker, a detachable filter element, and a glass decanter. For any dads who really take time over their coffee and who need it to be perfect, it is ideal.

It is described as the best filter coffee machine around for good reason and has a whole host of top features.

From automatic turn-off after 40 minutes, a cleaning reminder, and flow control with adjustable extraction time to a hot plate which will keep your jug of filter coffee warm and ready to drink, it is ideal for anyone who loves to spend time to make coffee but then usually can’t find the time to drink it.

For The Adventurer – Aeropress On-The-Go Coffee Set

Is he more of an on-the-go dad? Preferring to consume their coffee when at work, or halfway up a mountain on a Sunday morning when they are out for a (long) bit of peace and quiet?


It includes an Aeropress, which has long been a favourite brewing method of ours and thousands of others around the world. It makes coffee on-the-go really easy, and they can even use it at home if the kitchen worktops are taken up by a whole host of other appliances and odds and ends.

They will get a SoL cup too, so they can make their coffee and take it on their commute, or safely drink out of it when camping or on a walk. But this is no good without the right coffee, so there are also two bags of fine ground Planalto coffee so they can get started with their new gadget straight away.

For The Hands-Off Coffee Stash – Coffee Gift Tin

Their chosen strong brew is enough to knock everyone else’s socks off. On the odd occasion, you have accidentally made a cup of it, and have not only felt the effects but have also had a lecture about ‘touching their coffee’.

Coffee Gift Tin - Coffee Lovers Gift - Coffee gift for Dads - Fathers Day

So, their own tin will not only keep the coffee granules incredibly fresh and ready to use but will also act as a warning sign for everyone else. It says Hands Off, and your dad means it.

Choose the predominant colour on the label (you could pick their favourite or something which your mum will allow in the kitchen to go with the decor). It is made from tin so the coffee won’t become damaged, and the handy clip is easy to get into when the time comes.

Jazz Up The Home – Coffee Station Sign Decor

They don’t have a little corner of the kitchen to make their brews in, with a line of coffee and sugar tins and a dated mug tree.

Coffee Station Sign Decor, Open 24 Hours Sign, Java Kitchen Decor, Custom Barista Sign

They have a full-on coffee bar. A dedicated area where their machine takes pride of place, and the mugs/coffee pods/grinders/kettles are all an important part of this as opposed to just being suitable for the job.

So, they need a sign to let everyone know that they are serious about caffeine. You can select a size to suit their coffee cart and can also add their own name to the sign if they prefer to be the only ones using it (a bit like how they have to be in control of the summer BBQ, too).

It also makes a really good addition to an ordinary kitchen for any coffee lover.

Customisable – Personalised Coffee Scoop with Clip

Your dad keeps their coffee in the bag to stay fresh and safe in the cupboard.

Personalised Coffee Scoop with Clip, Wooden Coffee Scoop

This scoop won’t only ensure it remains sealed, but also acts as a handy scoop when they need to perfect their ratios for the ideal taste result. One scoop is a single shot, and two is a double for when they need a pick-me-up – it is as simple as that.

The personalisation can be anything you want, from their name to a quirky “We Love You A Latte” pun, within 40 characters. It is made from beech wood, so very solid, eco-friendly, and easy to wash.

Stylish – Whittard’s Chocolate Truffle Coffee For One Gift Box

This gift box contains Chocolate Truffle Coffee, a black Brew It Stick, and a Nova Glass Mug so they have the perfect manual coffee making starter kit.

Chocolate Truffle Coffee For One Gift Box

The glass is really stylish and would be perfect for showing off any layered coffee with crema or some frothed milk.

If you haven’t heard of the Brew It Stick, it is basically a really handy method which can be taken on the go or used at home and uses the filter method to make a beautiful brew with the choice to infuse it for a stronger taste.

It all comes in a nice presentation box, gift-wrapped, and gives them the convenience and space-saving benefits of instant coffee, without having to endure actually drinking instant coffee.

For The Socialiser – Espresso Martini Cocktail Kit

Their coffee making skills don’t just stop at their morning drink. On a night, or at the weekend, they also love something with a bit more of a punch.

Espresso Martini Cocktail Kit

Whether they frequently have guests or it is just a quiet night in, this DIY kit can make up to seven espresso martinis, and they will also learn how to carry on making it long after these bottles of liqueur are gone.

It isn’t just about the martinis though – they will also learn about the likes of Cuppa Joe and Toasted Almond. The ingredients are what would be used by a professional bartender, so all the need is some glasses and a shaker and they can really show off.

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