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    The Tassimo range of coffees is extensive, with pods from brands such as Costa, Twinings Cadburys, and Baileys being widely available.

    This makes them an excellent choice for anybody after a machine which can also make a bigger range of hot drinks, but they also craft a great coffee flavour which can rival some of the high street shops and chains.

    Each machine from Tassimo has their own selling points, so to make your decision easier we have reviewed the best Tassimo machines in the UK market, from how well they make drinks to how much effort is required from you.

    Our Top Picks

    The Best Tassimo Machines

    Tassimo Machine Buying Guide

    Which is the best Tassimo machine for me?

    It may seem like there isn’t much difference between all of the models after you’ve read the reviews, and you’re partly right. They’re all similar, even down to the fact that they’re all made by Bosch. For example, they all make hot chocolate equally well judging by our taste tests.

    The big difference to bear in mind is just how personalised you like your drink. Only the My Way and the T20 allow the user to choose their own water amounts, with the former being the only one to allow further adjustment of intensity and warmth settings.

    If you want a standard pod machine, however, then there isn’t much difference between the rest, so it all boils down to how you want it to look and how large you need the water tank to be.


    This also doesn’t fluctuate too much, although the My Way and T20 models are the most expensive because of the premium controls and features.

    How to use a Tassimo machine

    Simply turn the machine on, pop in your pod barcode-side down and close the lid, and press the button to activate the flowing water. If you have a model which allows some manual configuration you will need to change these settings first.

    They are quick to warm up, so there is no waiting around, and drinks are relatively quick to pour. As they feature barcode technology, all of the settings are configured on your behalf.



    Can I use the Tassimo as a hot water dispenser?

    Yes. Included with the majority of models is an empty capsule which does not contain any coffee grounds, yet still allows water to flow through. This is great if you need to top your cup up a bit more for a more subtle tasting drink.

    Can I use alternative pods?

    Coffee capsules from the likes of Lidl and Aldi are popular but don’t fit every machine. As the Tassimo models use the barcode technology to read the contents of the pod and adjust the settings accordingly, it isn’t recommended you try alternative brands.


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