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    Built-in coffee machines are perfect for kitchens with a similar range of appliances and products all hidden away for the clean, simplistic look, or for anyone who wants to save a bit of countertop space without compromising on coffee quality.

    The best integrated coffee machine for you all depends on your budget, the coffee you drink and the usability. The style is also a big factor for such appliances – you will want it to complement both the other electricals in the kitchen, as well as the layout.

    To find the best would take a lot of work. Luckily, we have reviewed some of the best finds to fit every possible need and help you on your way to a new coffee machine.

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    The Best Integrated Coffee Machines

    Integrated Coffee Machine Buying Guide

    Which is the best built-in coffee machine for me?

    The best integrated coffee machine for you won’t necessarily be the best for somebody else. There are a lot of things to take into consideration, to ensure you make the correct investment. You will need to bear in mind:

    • Size of the area
    • Type of coffee you use and drink
    • Your budget
    • Settings and control

    Most machines have a milk frother to open up the variety of coffee available to you, but some are better at this than others so if you much prefer a cappuccino every morning to an espresso. The vast majority of those reviewed will allow the user to use either beans or ground coffee, but there are some cheaper options which only accept ground coffee as there is no integrated grinder. This could be worth considering if you’re looking to get a lower-priced model, if you already have found your favourite ground coffee with a cafetière and won’t be bothering with the beans anyway, or have a separate grinder and prefer to be able to choose your grinding level.

    Concerning settings, some are easier to control than others. A lot have a screen on which the coffee you have selected is displayed, chosen with buttons or dials. Some have pre-set options, and some give you a chance to save your favourite coffees, so they’re available at the touch of a button. You may even fancy a smart coffee machine, which you can control from your bed, the sofa or when you’re in the garden without having to wait around for it to be ready.


    Automatic machines, which grind the beans for you, will be more expensive than semi-automatics which will only use pre-ground coffee. This is understandable with the technology that goes into it all.

    Think about whether you want to have a machine which will use beans, or are happy just using grounds. A basic semi-automatic could be purchased for under £500, whereas most bean to cup machines will go over £1000.


    The best integrated coffee machines will be quite a standard sizing across the board. However, there are some which come in less tall or wide to fit smaller spaces.

    If you have an already existing space for an in-built coffee machine or other appliance, then it will be essential to get the exact measurements and sizing to ensure there are no gaps. If you’re thinking of getting an entire kitchen redesign, there may be scope to pick your favourite machine and adapt it into the build.


    Are integrated coffee machines any good?

    The majority of built-in coffee machines are just a form of filter machine or bean to cup machine but don’t take up room on your kitchen worktop. There isn’t much to separate the two in terms of efficiency, as most will deliver a similar taste.

    The only limitation may be the cup size you can use. As they are built-in, the space to put your cups will be pretty enclosed rather than sitting on an open drip tray. For this reason, standard sized cups are the best option, and taller or broader mugs may be difficult to negotiate.

    How do I clean a built-in coffee machine?

    The water, coffee bean and milk container will likely all be removable for easy refilling, so can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher if they are dishwasher safe.

    Some of those we reviewed are self-cleaning, so every time they are turned on and off, they will clean themselves by circulating hot water and steam throughout the internal parts and the milk frother. There may still be the need to programme a clean in every so often, however.

    Those which aren’t self-cleaning will have their own settings you can manually choose; it is just a matter of remembering to do it pretty much daily if it is used all the time.

    Like any other electrical coffee machine, it will need descaling periodically too. How often this needs doing depends on the device, how it works and what kind of water you are using. Hard tap water will allow limescale to build up faster, and filtered bottled water could prolong the build-up.

    Do I need to plumb my integrated coffee machine in?

    All of those we have reviewed do not need plumbing in, so there is a removable water tank which you refill with tap or bottled water. This makes installation easier, and may also open up the options for positioning of the coffee machine if you’ve not yet decided on placement.

    Those which need plumbing in are usually a bit more restricted in terms of placement, but it could be an option if you don’t want to refill a tank every few uses.

    Tanks are available ranging from a 1L capacity to almost 3L, so if refilling is an issue or you make a lot of coffee, a large capacity tank may be easier than getting a plumbed-in device.


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