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    Whether you’re looking to give your kitchen a little class or you just want to bring a bit of authenticity to your espresso bar, there’s nothing more simple or elegant than a high quality piece of coffee wall art.

    Framed coffee prints and canvases have been adjourning people’s homes for decades now and they’re a great way to add some style and personality to a room, while also letting people know just how deep your love for the latte really is.

    From humorous coffee quotes to more aesthetically pleasing art, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite pieces to help bring your blank canvas of a wall back to life!

    Our Top Picks

    The Best Coffee Posters, Art and Hangings

    Coffee Wall Art Buying Guide

    Types of Coffee Wall Art


    These are essentially high quality posters which have been printed onto paper. They are then framed to protect them from wear, which in turn makes them far more visually appealing and smart in style. Subject matter can range from typography to more infographic esque material.


    Canvases these days are mostly printed with a giclee effect, so that popular designs can be reproduced en masse while still giving the effect that the material has been painted by hand. Once printing is complete they are then wrapped around a wooden frame to stretch the material out and give them some security. Canvases will often come in sets of three or four so that you can create certain aesthetic effects in your home depending on where you place them

    Metal Hangings

    Giving a kind of 3-D effect to your wall, these sorts of metal hanging sculptures will usually come in coffee cup designs and are akin to having some kind of coffee-themed coat of arms displayed on your wall.


    Generally coming in slate or tin materials, these pieces of wall art are usually quirky riffs on adverts and cafe signs, designed so that you can get a retro look for your home.

    Things To Consider Before Purchase


    If you’re buying a print or canvas, it might be an idea to purchase one that already has a frame. This will save you the trouble of searching for a frame later on with the correct size and security for your print


    It’s a fact of life that some materials are more durable than others and things like canvases are going to have a far smaller lifespan than a tin sign. Materials like canvas are also far more exposed than a framed print or metal sign and so are going to be more susceptible to damage, especially if they accidentally get wet or are handled improperly.

    Hanging Mechanisms

    Remember, this art isn’t going to levitate itself onto the wall by magic and so you’re going to need to fix it in place once you’ve purchased it. Plenty of these pieces come with included hooks and attachments designed to make this an easy, ready-to-go experience, as otherwise, it’s off to the local DIY store for some of your own!


    Obviously, the most important thing to consider is the size of the piece you buy. You need to think about where it’s going to go on your wall and how much space it’s going to take up. Make sure to measure your walls and to take note of how much space you’ve got to play with and then pay close attention to the dimensions of a piece before you buy it.


    If you don’t have the greatest taste in the world or are buying the art as a gift, it’s important to think about the colour scheme of the piece itself in relation to the room it will be placed in. Coffee art tends to be in brown colours, so it preferably needs to be in a neutral coloured room to avoid ugly clashes.


    How much should I be paying for coffee wall art?

    As this is purely a decorative purchase, wall art can end up being quite pricey, especially for canvases and hanging metal ornaments.

    If looking for a cheaper option, your best bet is to go for prints which often tend to be less than £5 in price and merely need a cheap frame to go along with them.

    We wouldn’t advise paying more than £30 for a piece unless it was of a really superior quality.

    What is a Giclee print?

    When looking at canvases you may have come across the phrase giclee quite a lot and found it confusing.

    Using a digital ink-jet printing process, the giclee method allows prints to be produced to any size and in any quantity and so is perfect for recreating the same image over and over again.


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