The Best Coffee Trends for 2020 (That Aren’t Dalgona)

We don’t know about you, but we’re getting really bored of Dalgona Coffee.

Heralded as the biggest coffee trend in years, the South Korean recipe is essentially inescapable at this moment in time and can be found incessantly plastered on every social media platform, news article and food blog on the internet.

In the past few months, you will have undoubtedly been subjected to countless tutorial videos and we wouldn’t be surprised if you’d made three or four attempts to create your own Korean coffee, such is it’s popularity.

But even though you and the rest of the coffee crew are now well versed in the craze, there are frighteningly still people on the planet who’ve managed to avoid it.

best whipped coffee

It seems the unstoppable tidal wave of publicity hasn’t even remotely begun and the constant stream of new Dalgona efforts is still set to plague our phone and PC screens for some time to come.

So while the non-coffee connoisseurs catch up with those of us who have been there, done that, when it comes to Dalgona – we thought we’d try and find the next big coffee craze.

Scouring our eye across the international coffee landscape, we’ve picked out some of our favourite and most unusual recipes from across the world which we think have the potential to dethrone the current trendsetter.

For all you caffeine addicts looking for that next java high, these four recipes are the cult way to experience coffee in 2020, and although they might not look as good, they’ve got twice as much taste to help get them to that trending page!

Vietnamese Egg Coffee (Cà phê đá)

Yeah… That’s right.


Admittedly, it’s not a word anybody really wants to see in the same sentence as coffee, or the kind of dairy product you want to find floating around in your cappuccino.

Thankfully, the horrendous vision that is conjured up by the words egg and coffee together is completely inaccurate, but unfortunately also the sole reason why this Vietnamese recipe is always just short of capturing the imagination of the nation.

Vietnamese Egg Coffee

In truth, a better name for it would be the Creme Brulee Coffee or the Custard Coffee, such is it’s sweet and tantalising creamy taste, however, it’s too late to change it now.

We must just simply end our prejudice against the egg.

Created in the 1940s in response to a Vietnamese milk shortage, the recipe originally swapped milk for whipped eggs and sugar, but now also adds sweetened condensed milk to create a super thick, custard-like froth for the top of your coffee.

With the rise of fluffy coffee’s like the Dalgona, the appetising visuals egg coffee gives off could be just what it needs to surpass it’s name and become an Instagram or TikTok sensation.

Mazagran Coffee

As summer approaches, plenty of bean lovers have been jumping on the iced coffee bandwagon to help get their caffeine hit in a more cool and refreshing way.

But while most of us are happy just unimaginatively adding ice cubes to a classic morning mocha, there is one coffee recipe that we believe could soon usurp the Iced Tea’s crown as king of the caffeinated pitchers.

Essentially the nearest thing this planet has to a coffee-lemonade, Mazagran Coffee is the kind of beverage you definitely don’t want to let pass you by this summer.

Mazagran Coffee

Credit: @krytykakulinarna

Using cold brew concentrate, simply add freshly squeezed lemons, sugar and ice along with some sparkling water to create a seriously hydrating garden party punch.

And if it’s that time of day, you can even be a little naughty and add a dash of rum to make the perfect coffee cocktail.

For our money, this is easily the tastiest trend out there!


Too long have we been forced to choose between tea or coffee.

“Can I get you anything to drink? … Tea? Coffee?”

It’s a question which at its very root has created a divide between caffeine drinkers everywhere and implied that we must all take sides in this never ending war of preference.

The Yuenyeung is the drink which seeks to end this saga by becoming the peace treaty between the two battling regiments, a pacifist which joins both liquids together to create a unification coffee drink.

Popular in Hong Kong, the beverage combines equal parts coffee and tea before adding condensed milk to sweeten things up a bit.m PDT

Yuanyang Coffee

It sounds strange, but for those who love the taste of both and find making a choice between the two an increasingly frustrating decision, the Yuenyeung is a perfect and delicious compromise.

Even just imagining a world where Yuenyeung reigns supreme instantly evokes a vision of a more peaceful and simple society:

“Can I get you anything to drink? … Tea? Coffee?”




Pharisäer, Germany

The Irish probably thought they were really grown up and mischievous when they came up with the Irish Coffee, a recipe which requires nothing more than a glug of whiskey and some cream to be added to your standard java.

But little did they know, the ever efficient Germans had already come up with their own alcoholic pick-me-up hundreds of years earlier and in our opinion, it hits the spot a little more sweetly.


Credit: @coffeein_ka

If you haven’t got the taste for a harsh whisky, you’ll be pleased to learn that German Pharisäer Coffee utilises rum instead.

Simply use strong black coffee, with sugar and rum before adding a delicious dollop of whipped cream on top to create an after-dinner drink that will force even the strongest willed of designated drivers to admit defeat and call a taxi home.

It’s name, Pharisäer, derives from something said at its creation in North Frisia in the late 1880s.

North Frisia’s local pastor heavily forbid drinking alcohol, classing it as a godless act, and so one devious family hatched a plot to get boozy right under his nose at their daughter’s christening.

Adding copious amounts of rum to their coffee, the congregation served up the mixture with whipped cream to hide the alcohol aroma, while giving the pastor a plain coffee with cream.

Pharisäer Coffee

Credit: @mujercountry

However, as the cream slowly dissipated, the smell caught his nostrils and immediately the pastor began to scream at them “You Pharisees!”, in reference to the sect who heckled and mocked the teachings of Jesus.

Born out of blasphemy, it’s surely a sinful treat you can allow yourself just once in a while.

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