The BEST 10 Coffee Shops To Try In Bath

Bath is the place to be if you’re after coffee which doesn’t just taste great but is also in a perfect location and takes ethics into account.

It is packed with cool, modern cafes which are perfect for working, chatting and trying something new and historic, cosy traditional cafes where the good old originals are on offer, and you need a break from the hustle and bustle.

As seeing that you are spoilt for choice for the best coffee in Bath, we have picked out ten of the best for every mood and need. Here is our selection of the ones to try.

Colonna and Small’s Speciality Coffee

Colonna and Small’s know that coffee can be bursting with flavour and so try to bring their customers the best on offer.

The menu is a proper coffee house menu, so you will see drinks on there which you wouldn’t see on a normal chain cafe. You also get a choice of beans and an explanation of their options in case you’re unsure.

Colonna Bath

Credit: @bennymac1982

If you still don’t know, they can go ahead and pick out the best beans and drinks for how you feel. It serves great cake, but there are no savouries – it is an establishment for true coffee lovers.

P.S. – it was once named as one of the best coffee shops in the UK

Colonna and Small’s Speciality Coffee, 6 Chapel Row, Bath BA1 1HN

Cascara Bath

With everything sourced locally, from the food ingredients to the coffee beans, this is perfect ethical food and drink.

Cascara Bath Coffee

Credit: @cascarabath

From cakes to brunches, it is the perfect place to spend a little while resting during a busy day. They have a good vegan selection, and the atmosphere is quiet and relaxed. There is a great selection of cakes and pastries too because as we all know, an afternoon refuel is nothing without a bite to eat too.

Many other reviews state it has the Best Coffee in Bath, which is a bold yet deserved statement.

Cascara Bath, 3 Upper Borough Walls, Bath BA1 1RG

Kekolo Coffee

For a good strong coffee, lively atmosphere and a good selection of non-cows mylks, this place is well situated in the town.

Kekolo Coffee

Credit: @kekolocoffee

There is a choice of coffee varieties, and each cup is made with a lot of love and attention to detail. It is a bright space, which makes a nice change fro the usual darker intimate cafes around the UK.

As mentioned, it is pretty central, so a great pitstop if you’re exploring the inner city.

Kekolo Coffee, 3 New Bond Street Buildings, Bath, BA1 1BL 

Picnic Coffee

Looking for something a bit more traditional, relaxed and with fabulous food too? And a team who really knows their coffee?

Picnic Bath

Credit: @picnic_bath

Everything is taken seriously, from the growing and picking through to the roasting and grinding of the beans. But don’t let this feel overwhelming – it is done with passion, not to be showy. The coffee is specialty, and they can make V60 or Aeropress filter coffee as well as an iced version of your favourite.

The cafe is lovely and airy, and there is some fab food on offer too. Perfect for a relaxing light bite and caffeine perk.

Picnic Coffee, 9 Saracen St, Bath BA1 5BR


With a traditional family feel and tucked slightly away from the hectic part of town, this independent Italian cafe is well worth a visit.

Rosarios Bath

Credit: @rosariosbath

The food on offer is a little different to the usual sandwiches and jacket spuds – potato cakes, imported Cannoli cake and arancini are some of the most popular picks. Along with the authentic Italian coffee, it really is a bit of Mediterranean style in the centre of Bath.

Located in a Grade II listed Georgian building, the interior is just as delicious as the coffee and food, and you can buy the coffee as beans if you want to recreate it at home.

Rosarios, 18 Northumberland Place, Bath BA1 5AR

The Colombian Company

A small intimate cafe, which serves great quality coffee which will never have you step near a chain shop again.

It is located pretty centrally, but away from the main bust thoroughfares near St Michael’s Arch. Colombia, as many know, is the home of coffee so you can really expect some of the best you have tasted.

The Colombian Coffee Shop Bath

Credit: @thecolombiancoffeeshop

They use equipment such as Chemex and V60 drippers, or Aeropress vacuum coffee, as well as traditional machines, so it is guaranteed that they know their stuff.

There is some good Latin music playing away in the background to add to the atmosphere, and if you really really loved your cup of coffee, the beans can be bought so you can attempt to recreate at home.

The Colombian Company, 6 Abbey Gate Street, Bath BA1 1NP 

The Green Bird Cafe

Nestled between the Circus and Royal Crescent in Bath (which makes it one of the hottest-placed cafes in town), this is a perfect cafe which can see you through from breakfast to lunch.

The Green Bird cafe Bath

Credit: @thegreenbirdcafe

Runners up in the 2018 Observer Food Monthly Awards, it is a warm environment in the historic area of the city. Ideal for anybody who has been sightseeing and needs to put their feet up for a bit of a break.

Produce is locally sourced and prepared on-site to match, and the secluded courtyard is perfect if the sun is out.

The Green Bird Cafe, 11 Margarets Buildings, Bath BA1 2LP

Society Cafe

A hub for those who will have their laptop to hand, Society is the sister branch of the Bristol shop. With dedicated areas for laptop users (and laptop-free zones for those who want a break, too) it is brilliant coffee with plenty of different rooms and spaces to enjoy it.

Society Cafe Bath

Credit: @societycafe

If it is nice weather, make use of the outside terrace to watch the world go by. They serve only speciality graded coffee that’s directly sourced, and you can also grab a quick bite if you want to stop for brunch.

As a bonus, they are kid-friendly and dog-friendly.

Society Cafe, 4 Kingsmead Square, Bath BA1 2AB

Cafe on the Barge

For a perfect spot on the canal, in Bathampton if you’re just out of the city centre, this is perfect for something a bit different.

Cafe on the Barge Bathampton

Credit: @fifi73dee

It is away from the business and hectic areas, so great if you want to enjoy a bit of nature. A brilliant space for cyclists, families and walkers to refuel and most of the seating is outside so you can enjoy the nice weather.

There is a selection of fresh homemade cakes too.

Cafe On The Barge, 1896 Tyning Road Bathampton, Bath BA2 6TQ

Boston Tea Party

A cafe all about trying to make the world a better, cleaner place.

Boston Tea Party Bath

Credit: @btpcafes

Their Instagram bio is “The purposeful cafe chain with the aim of always #MakingThingsBetter. We banned single-use coffee cups in June 2018 and haven’t looked back”, which pretty much sums them up in one sentence. It was one of BTP’s first cafes, and it sits on the edge of busy Bath square so you can watch the world go by.

It is small inside, but there is outdoor seating for nice weather, and it is dog friendly (so if you don’t have one, go here and pet them all).

19 Kingsmead SqBath, BA1 2AE

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